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In-your-face activist Stacey is the head of the controversial zombie rights group CURE (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality). Stacey believes the game show "Terror Is Reality" is cruel and demeaning to infected survivors everywhere, and leads protests with the aim of making Zombrex more affordable and available. Stacey had a sister who was infected and opted to turn into a zombie after becoming so reliant on Zombrex.

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Dead Rising 2

Stacey assists Chuck Greene and cares for his daughter Katey. She acts as a support who gives Chuck his assignments.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Am I evil?

In this spin-off, Stacey plays the same role but this time assists Frank West. In the original Dead Rising 2, it was revealed that Ray Sullivan was the inside Phenotrans agent who killed Rebecca Chang and had a role in the zombie outbreak. However in this version, Stacey is the traitor who kills Sullivan. After Frank foils her plan to extract the queen bees in time, she engages a battle with Frank by controlling a park ride-turned giant robot equipped with giant claws and firework rockets. Stacey gets killed by being squashed by her own machine.

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