Hey, Who Wants To Win A Copy Of Stacking?

#151 Posted by jjnen (680 posts) -

If this gets a laugh, 360 please.
#152 Posted by byrjun (201 posts) -

(Xbox 360 :)
#153 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5107 posts) -

Cool. I'd personally prefer to support them with my own cash, but it's cool you're doing this.

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Xbox 360 or PS3 please. Thank you.
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Its either a headcrab attack or a man eating a whole chicken. 360 would be great  thanks!
#156 Posted by Nogert (148 posts) -

xbox 360 please
#157 Posted by Salgueiro (5 posts) -

Haha that's amazing

#158 Posted by Nogert (148 posts) -

second entry, xbox please
#159 Posted by helveticahero (15 posts) -

Here's my entry - 360 works for me!
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My preferred platform of choice is XBOX 360
Okay, here's what I came up with, being the Fallout nerd that I am:

#161 Posted by Hutzebraedl (42 posts) -
@helveticahero said:
Here's my entry - 360 works for me! "
#162 Posted by beast654 (16 posts) -

xbox360 please
#163 Posted by Ferco (35 posts) -

#164 Posted by Ferco (35 posts) -

#165 Posted by MarkLeeds2k5 (5 posts) -

PS3 please.
#166 Posted by dukesideofthemoon (11 posts) -

Playstation Tre version please!

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Crude, I know. Never been a proficient photoshopper, so I just went with trusty ol' paint.  
PS3 please if you like it :)  

#168 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2722 posts) -

PS3 if I win.
#169 Posted by coolboyjosh4 (5 posts) -

 ghostbusters video game with stay puft as a stacking doll and if you like it xbox 360 please and now i try to find a game which is a bit easyer to do lol

#170 Posted by Ferco (35 posts) -

#171 Posted by Nogert (148 posts) -

Third entry lol, this is fun.

xbox plzzz
#172 Posted by S1LENT_ASSASS1N (141 posts) -

Xbox 360 version. Thanks.
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#174 Posted by Boyling (218 posts) -

If I win, I would like a copy for Xbox 360.
#175 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -
@Vyper said:
I always thought the "stacking" was kinda like killing and evil lol...anyways!  X360 preferred but I got a PS3 as well so either rlly..(also who loves my bad photoshop skills haha) "
I bet you'd win
#176 Posted by dudeglove (11155 posts) -

I already sent Jeff & co. a shitty Michael Jackson matroshka doll months ago. If it's still in the office, then that's my entry. PS3 plz.

#177 Posted by ShadowVirus (846 posts) -

Decide instead of making something in Photoshop I'd draw something from scratch. 

 Stacking Creed
Desired platform is Xbox 360 
Full resolution image here.
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Gognitti bailed, I made like Chow Yun Fat.
Based on this, although you already know that....right? RIGHT?!
Either platform if I win, thanks.

#179 Posted by videohmstr (7 posts) -

Simple yet effective?
360, please!
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Overlooked by many in its day, but the procedurally generated Russian dolls made this a true value when it came out.
#181 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -
@RubberFactory said:
" @MarkWahlberg said:
Clever! "
I, also, find this to be rather clever.
#182 Posted by streetninja (190 posts) -

If I somehow manage to win amongst the fearsome competition I'd like an Xbox code.
#183 Posted by tj_chisholm (37 posts) -

#184 Posted by Shaka999 (551 posts) -

I do love me some shop contests...

#185 Posted by RJPelonia (923 posts) -

 The Ghosts 'N Goblins music is now playing in your head.

#186 Edited by coolboyjosh4 (5 posts) -

pac man  stacking dolls ghosts xbox

#187 Posted by Slaker117 (4870 posts) -
@Boyling said:
If I win, I would like a copy for Xbox 360. "
Fuck. I just got an idea for a similar concept with a more directed execution from this, but I would feel bad if I won with it.
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 Playstation Home: Stacking Beta.

here's my take.. hope you all like it.. thanks. 
ps3 please.  :) 
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Here goes my garden path attempt. 360 please
#190 Posted by Pharoah (3 posts) -


It's not really video game related but I might as well try.    
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Fallout - 3,5 the Stack-DLC --- PS3 Plz
#192 Posted by h0lgr (961 posts) -

PS3 owner!
#193 Edited by JoeDangerous (16 posts) -

Inside joke from Heart of Darkness. (HA!  Get it?  I just made an inside joke using "inside joke".  DOUBLE INSIDE JOKE!) 
Edit:  forgot to say, I prefer 360 please.
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Still a wanted man in his homeland of mother Russia, Cliffy B aka ‘Bleszinski’ made enough money selling stacking dolls to emigrate to America. The rest, as they say, is history.      


#195 Posted by Muffin_Destroyer (2 posts) -

Playstation 3
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Thought id make one from scratch, 360  please :D:D  

 Vinny's comment crossed with Magicka
#197 Posted by Panpipe (485 posts) -

Clockwise from left, Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Alex. 
360 or PS3, preferably 360.    
#198 Posted by Vager (1676 posts) -

All these submissions are awesome.

#199 Edited by awesomeusername (4575 posts) -

I'm not awesome in PhotoShop but I'm learning and know my way around.  Suppose to be Spartan-312's helmet in the Halo: Reach ending but I'm sure you know this. PS3 pleaseeeeee.

Halo: Reaching Stack
#200 Posted by lacke (376 posts) -
@helveticahero said:
Here's my entry - 360 works for me! "
This is my favorite so far but it doesn't fit the criteria of "make me laugh the hardest" though if it were up to me I'd be willing to bend the rule.

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