Hey, Who Wants To Win A Copy Of Stacking?

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#2 xbox 360 please

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#3 and xbox 360 please

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I don't know whether to be glad or disappointed that no one else has made this one yet. It was the first thing to come to mind as I was reading the rules.

Looks like the odds are 'stacked' in his favor, ha ha ha, ha... I'm a cretin.
My desired platform is PS3.
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@Burglarize:  That, is fantastic.
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 Those puppies are making him go into another town in the boondocks again.

  Xbox 360 my good sir.
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im loving this contest 
Xbox 360 please

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xbox 360

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  "There is no one inside you that I haven't already defeated." 
For Xbox 360. ;)
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Stacking: Alien DLC confirmed
Get it? I sort of suck at photoshop......... 
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My Photoshop-fu is fail. But I had to try, my 3 year old daughter made me fart at people in the Xbox demo for 20 minutes straight last night, cackling the whole time. :D
Edit: Oh yeah, on the off chance I win, Xbox please :D
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Here is mine. I would like the 360 version. Brad what have you done? 
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So I Guess this is the add for a Russian Mafia wars

 xbox 360 please
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Charlie Blackmore visit GB

 (This might crop the image, if you want to see the original it is in my image gallery). 
Either Xbox 360 or PS3 is fine for me (I'll take what ever is left =P). - But if I really really have to choose then I'd go with Xbox 360, but as I said no big deal if I receive a PS3 Code =D
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My entry for the contest. Spent a good hour or two on this and I think I did a decent job with my limited Photoshop ability. PS3 is my preferred system if I'm lucky enough to win. Thanks.

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 Doll Space

Xbox 360
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@Burglarize: Damn, that's really convincing.
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Worst final boss ever. Prefer Xbox 360 (points!), can do PS3.

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I edited my previous post, but just in case you already considered the entries in the first comments page, here it is again:

  A Deleted Scene from Stacking
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  Instead of opting for cleverness or artistry, I'm throwing in some celebrities. 
PS3 if I am so lucky as to be chosen, Sir Brad.
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There's still time to make this the new cover for the game right? 
Xbox 360 
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@SpikeDelight:  oh i get it!
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I'd prefer you have it say "so you can stack while you stack" lol
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@GreyColor said:
PS3 "
Show off. 
Seriously though, just give all 10 codes to this guy.
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I'd like a 360 code, if I make it.
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@GreyColor: Above and beyond. Awesome dude.
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    From RUSSIA with FUN!  

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The Real Stacking, PS3 would be great.
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I did a weird one. Not really funny but I enjoyed illustrating it. Xbox360 code please, if you have one.
Wario, Luigi, Mario and Toad represented as Matryoskha Dolls (Russian Stacking Dolls). Yoshi eats them and poops them out in doll form.   
View Hi Res Version Here 

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Who wants Sackboy when you can have Stackboy! 

Xbox 360 Please :D
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Duke Nukem eyeing up a  stacking doll. hope you like it xbox 360 if you got one going
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Should I win, I'd like a copy for the 360, please.
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I've been playing through Brotherhood this week and the animus/anscestor stuff is too perfect for this. 

 Stacking's Creed

I think Brad's going to have a hard time selecting just ten winners. Some of these are incredible!  (PS3 should I be lucky enough to win)
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those Russian stacking mutants are the worst. As the imposing soldier stands before the rushing stack mutant, he fires his chain gun striking it directly in the throat. The mutant never even flinched, it advance, never loosing its eerie grin.

Xbow 360 please. 
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I was going to do a Street fighter one  but I was beaten to it :'( , damn lots of talented people in Giant Bomb community

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Decisions, decisions.

Xbox 360 Version...
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I don't know what the fuck I was thinking. 

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@Fleshfeast: You win
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Good old DotT, still my favorite Schafer game.

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...oh crap.
Samus is screwed. (Xbox 360 please, if I happen to win :) 
EDIT: Xbox 360 or PS3 is fine.
Higher res here
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It might not make you laugh the hardest, but I had alot of fun making it regardless. PS3 if I happen to win.
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xbox 360 plzzzz
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X360 please.. :) 
EDIT: Full version here
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@boylie said:
    I was planning on messing around with 3dsMax 2011 tonight anyway  PS3 if I win please!     "
haha awesome
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 The Nolan North Holiday Collection

 Here's my second entry. 
ps3 please.
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             Child friendly God Of War 3 (considering Kratos likes to dive into Ketchup)  
PS3 version , please.
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@soupbones said:

 "...oh crap."
Samus is screwed. (Xbox 360 please, if I happen to win :) "
That is pretty awesome. Good job =]
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Here's my effort. Wanted to do a set of 3 with Gannon/Zelda but didn't have time sadly! either platform is cool for me if I win please :-) : 

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