More fun then a world of nesting dolls

#1 Posted by SamLynn (23 posts) -

Hey everyone, so I bought Stacking on the xbox live arcade about a month ago. I liked it but I wanna know what some other people thought about it. 
My biggest complaint is the lack of replay value.
Also, feel free to follow me, then I'll follow you and you'll be one person closer to achieving a quest

#2 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

It was good, such an easy s rank.

#3 Posted by icytower38 (535 posts) -

Stacking was a fantastic game, really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the DLC they are planning.
There isn't any replay value, but I think that's the problem with most down loadable games.

#4 Posted by iDarktread (1263 posts) -

I didn't like the demo very much, and was put off by the farting. 

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