Unique Dolls

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Am I the only one who can't figure out how to stack into the massive train engineer doll in the first area?  Anyone with a tip for how I can accomplish this? 
- Scott

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I haven't got a clue, I just wanted to say that 'Unique Dolls' would be a great name for a band.

#3 Posted by Scotto (1259 posts) -

I figured it out! 
Just for anyone else who gets stuck, as you complete the chapters, more and more new dolls get added to the train station from the other levels. 
- Scott

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I'm looking for a way to stack the Line Dude in the train station.  He won't turn his back to me.  Do I just have to wait? 
- just realized you can't stack into that guy at all.  There are wings off the side of the station!

#5 Posted by Sponge (29 posts) -

I was also wondering how to get into both the huge train engineer and the "Line Dude" near the ticket booths. Now that I know more dolls come into the old levels I can finally move on.

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You have to complete the second level first.  After completing the second level you gain the ability to stack more dolls. 
The big engineer is more than 1 size bigger than your biggest doll in the first level.  The game only lets you stack in to a doll 1 size bigger than the current doll you are stacked in. 
Basically the big engineer is a size 5 doll, and at the outset of the game you are a size 1 doll, that can stack in to a size 2 doll, that can stack in to a size 3 doll.  But you can't jump from a size 3 to a size 5 doll. 

#7 Posted by brighteye (53 posts) -

As usual, they made a video of this on youtube, check out "achievement hunters".
( they also have Halo fails of the week, and Halo horse each week..... real fun to watch.)

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