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Stack This! 0

They had us save a world of metal and then showed us that there is still a little magic left in Halloween. So what would the folks at Double Fine Productions have for us next? Well, they felt we needed a little bit of a break and could play with some dolls. Specifically, Russian matryoshka, or babushka, dolls. In Stacking, you are in a world similar to ours during the industrial revolution near the turn of the 20 century, but the entire population is made up of babushka dolls of varying sizes ...

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Stacking's undeniable charm can't mask its shallow gameplay forever. 0

Double Fine games are usually bursting at the seams with charm and creativity, and Stacking is no different. Stacking’s gameplay revolves around Russian matryoshka dolls and their wondrous ability to stack into other, larger matryoshka dolls. Every doll has singular, unique power at their disposal, and you’ll have to utilize these skills to complete the obstacles presented to you. Although this is undoubtedly a wildly creative concept, the puzzle solving isn’t engaging or involved enough to stay...

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Double Fine does it again!! 0

A big fan of Schafer in all regards, Stacking is another great piece to add to the library.  Full of witty humor and fun puzzles, Stacking is a great pick up and play style game.  From doing the main story line to just running around the world for Hi-Jinks this game offers tremendous amounts of fun.  Highly recommended for all to play!...

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Stack Me Tonite 0

Stacking is the latest adventure from the developers at Double Fine, makers of Psychonauts and Brütal Legend. Available as a XBLA and PSN downloadable title, Stacking is a puzzle adventure set in a quirky Industrial-Age world inhabited entirely by Russian nesting dolls. As Charlie Blackmore—a child laborer and apparently the smallest denizen of this bizarre universe—the player solves puzzles by possessing larger dolls and using their abilities. In the interest of dispensing with any obvious off...

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Brimful of wit, heart and humour 0

Y’know how Bungie makes Halo and Rare makes family games? Double Fine are either a game company who make unique games or a game company nobody purchases off. They made Psychonauts, one of my all-time favourite adventure games about a school for psychics. They also made Brutal Legend, which was a terrible, terrible RTS with an amazing story, art style, soundtrack, performances and collectibles. The game featured Lemmy, Ozzy and Rob Halford for peats sake. I am to this day undecided whether it’s o...

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Good show! 1

I’ve been behind on my downloadable games pile of shame, so I made a determined trip to the Live Market place to get some demos. Comic book jumper, Death Spank, Ilomilo, Super Meat Boy were my immediate grabs, but I also noticed Stacking idling in the New Releases pane. “Isn’t that the new game from Double Fine!?” I say to myself, nearly spit-taking my Sprite Zero onto the cracked LCD monitor I have set up on my night stand.   Tears well up in the corners of my eyes, acrid and sweet at the thou...

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A Great Game With A Unique Premise 0

Double Fine Productions has now become a downloadable-only game development company.  Their first attempt in this market was with the game Costume Quest which was a great, simple role-playing game with a unique premise.  With its second attempt, Double Fine's proclivity for unique games continues with Stacking, a game about Russian stacking dolls.  There is little doubt that the game is original, but it is its gameplay that puts Stacking above the myriad of other downloadable games on Xbox Live ...

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Stacking Review 0

Developer: Double FinePublisher: THQXbox Live Arcade, and the PlayStation Network are home to some of the most innovative, and interesting ideas in gaming today, and Tim Schafer’s Stacking is definitely one that falls into those camps. Players take the role of the smallest of a family of Russian dolls. The opening sequences of the game show his brothers and sisters being taken away to work as slaves. Not happy to just let this happen, our protagonist then sets off on an adventure to bring his si...

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Playing With Dolls 0

Stacking embraces much of what makes the Live Arcade so good. It is a low cost, high creativity project that took less than a year to produce, and doesn’t mess around with superfluous concepts or multiplayer modes.It also happens to be made by Double Fine Productions, the amazing studio that shaped the hilarious psychic, summer camp adventure, Psychonauts. And they have created yet another clever, well-written adventure game with more heart and style than almost every other game on the market. T...

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The Lost Hobo King Review 0

DLC can be a tough thing to do. You have to offer new gameplay mechanics and situations while building on the original game. Mass Effect 2 comes to mind when thinking about good downloadable content, keeping the game’s original gameplay and characters fresh, giving them new and exciting situations to evolve in. Stacking’s first (and only?) expansion, The Lost Hobo King, gives you more Stacking and not much else. Hobo King’s plot is set after the ending to Stacking’s main plot. You must help Levi...

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