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Good show!

I’ve been behind on my downloadable games pile of shame, so I made a determined trip to the Live Market place to get some demos. Comic book jumper, Death Spank, Ilomilo, Super Meat Boy were my immediate grabs, but I also noticed Stacking idling in the New Releases pane.

“Isn’t that the new game from Double Fine!?” I say to myself, nearly spit-taking my Sprite Zero onto the cracked LCD monitor I have set up on my night stand.   Tears well up in the corners of my eyes, acrid and sweet at the thought of a new Double Fine game. I take a few moments to stop breathing soda, and resolve to make room for the nearly one gigabyte download on my cramped hard drive, giving installs of Doritos Dash of Destruction and Yaris the boot.

I sleep on it, letting the download take its time. The next day after my soul has been crushed for 8 hours I return home and start up Stacking.

Watching the Intro quickly sets the Double Fine tone of morbid whimsy but also for an Aesthetic departure and curiously topical social theme, laconically expressed through emotive Russian Matrushka dolls.

“Well sure it’s stylish and whip smart!” I extol to my monitor, frightening my roommates. “But will it keep my interest?” My eyes begin to wander away from the monitor towards Man Vs. Food playing on a television in the background, a deep rumbling unearths centuries old conflict deep within my stomach.

A minute later I purchase the game before I even finish the demo and nearly beat the game in a one shot. Bravo double fine. You have crafted a unique and twisted adventure that I will show off to my hipster friends for weeks to come. Good show!

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Posted by josher14

cool.. always looking for a good quick game to get under the belt and love double fine! 

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