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Epic Weapons

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power.  They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors.  These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods.  Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete.  Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon.  Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others.  

Staff of the Serpent 

This epic weapon boosts an enchanter's strength, stamina, charisma, intelligence, health, and mana.  The staff is imbued with the ability to cast a haste spell known as Speed of the Shissar on anyone the enchanter wielding the serpent chooses.  This spell increases haste by 66% while also increasing agility and defense.  This allows an enchanter to increase his or her group's efficiency without having to worry about memorizing a haste spell.  The staff will often catch onlookers off  guard, as the head of the snake will occasionally turn and hiss at those nearby.  Only the most adept enchanter can keep the serpent charmed.   


The Epic Quest 

The enchanter epic quest begins in the city of Erudin with Stofo Olan.  He has made a discovery but requires materials to copy his notes.  In order to send them to his teacher, Jeb Lumsed.  He requires ink of the dark, a mechanical pen, and white paper.  The ink is obtained by handing a vial to the ghoul scribe of Lower Guk after charming him.  The pen can be obtained by giving Rilgor Plegnog, a Gnome in Ak'anon, a shining metallic robe also found in Lower Guk.  The special paper was recently stolen from Chrislin Baker, a Human woman in West Karana.  Delivering some regular paper and a quill will cause her to realize the thief left behind his sash.  Upon taking the sash, Thracken Griften will attack the cottage.  Killing him will confirm he was the thief, as the white paper is still on him.  Returning these three items ot Stofo will earn a copy of his notes and a vague hint to where his teacher may be found.  Jeb is living among the Sarnak in the Burning Wood under an illusion.  Finding him among the Sarnak should not be too difficult, and showing him the notes will earn a seal in return.  Jeb advises that the world's first great enchanter, Krilan Pedin, once crafted a powerful staff in the shape of a serpent.  He then taught his followers how to create it and advised them to carry on in tradition.  The path to creating has been lost for centuries before Stofo rediscovered the way.  In time they will be able to craft a powerful serpent if the correct components are collected.  Jeb will offer a sack in order to collect these components and advise that the components must be earned through tests of charm, enlightenment, illusion, and phantasm.  Jeb's seal will be enough for each of the four to offer their test.

The Overthere
Modani Qu'Loni is the master of illusions and never is he in his true form, presumably a Dark Elf.  He is currently among the scorpikis in The Overthere.  To craft the first part of the staff, Modani requires the Xolion Rod, Innoruuk's Word, the Chalice of Kings, and snow blossoms.  The Xolion Rod is an ancient artifact currently held by Vessel Drozlin, an Iksar in East Cabilis.  He will not relinquish the rod for any reason but death, which will require help.  Innoruuk's Word can be found in the Church of Innoruuk in Neriak's Third Gate.  A Dark Elf priestess known as Verina Tomb carries the parchment, and she too will not release it willingly.  The Chalice of Kings is an Elvish relic in Felwithe.  A High Elf known as Joren Nobleheart is offering the chalice in return for taking King Tearis Thex's orders to investigate Chardok's royal family's involvement in the abduction of Firiona Vie.  The task here is to slay Overking Bathezid's only son, Prince Selrach Di'Zok.  This will require signifcant assistance from friends.  The snow blossoms were once a common flower across Norrath, but are now quite rare.  Surprisingly, the only known place they grow now is in the marshlands of southern Antonica.  Bozlum Blossom is an Ogre woman in Oggok that likes to garden, or at least as best she can.  Her garden has been ruined by someone's heavy feet.  Muddy sandals can be found on the ground near Brokk Boxtripper, the town's bag vendor, which will prove to Bozlum that Brokk is the culprit.  Brokk apologizes and promises that he didn't mean to mess it up.  He offers snow blossoms to her as a gift, and she will offer some in return for helping her.  Returning the four items to Modani in the bag he provides will earn the first piece of staff.

Mizzle Gepple is the master of enlightened magic.  He is actually a clockwork in Ak'anon; Clockwork VIIX to be exact.  He offers true clarity to anyone willing to bring him a spoon, a key, a lost scroll, and the book of charm and sacrifice.  The spoon is carried by a mighty sand giant in the Oasis of Marr known as Cazel.  His regenerative abilities should not be underestimated, so bringing a small army of allies would be wise.  Mizzle says he lost the key while flying over a canyon in Kunark, which is the one in The Overthere.  The scroll is said to have been lost in a raid on the Elven outpost of Firiona Vie, and can be found behind a bed in the Crypt of Dalnir.  The book must be picked up in the quest room within the Plane of Sky.  Returning these four items to Mizzle in the bag he provides will earn the second piece of staff.

Firiona Vie
Nadia Starfeast is the mistress of charm, a High Elf in green residing in the Elven outpost of Firiona Vie.  To complete her test, she provides a sack containing a diamond, a sapphire, a ruby, and an emerald.  The diamond is to be given to a bookworm known as the spectral librarian in Kaesora.  The sapphire is for the golden faerie known as Felia Goldenwing, a chromadrac in Skyfire Mountains.  The ruby is intended for Jaxion in the City of Mist.  And the emerald is to go to a scorpikis named Impaler Tzilug.  In order to complete this test, the enchanter must charm each of these creatures, hand the gem to them, and then combine the four items from each in the sack provided by Nadia.  Passing this test will earn the third piece of staff.

The Field of Bone
Polzin Mrid is the master of phantasm, but Jeb advises that no one has heard from him since the debacle that created The Hole.  Sadly, Polzin died in the blast, but his ghost still roams the halls of Old Paineel within The Hole.  To pass his test, he requests a serpent, an essence of a ghost, an essence of a vampire, and sands of the mystics.  The serpent he speaks of the spirit of the Shissar who were long ago eradicated from Norrath.  The Shissar wraith resides in the Plane of Fear at the peak of the largest pyramid surrounded by a moat of fire.  Obviously, this task will require the help of others.  The ghost essence is to be obtained from Polzin's long lost lady friend, Kindle.  Kindle also perished in the blast that created The Hole and can be found much deeper within the ruins than where Polzin resides.  This too will require helpful friends.  The vampire essence can be obtained from the forsaken revenants found in the Plane of Hate.  Just as the other previous two items, significant help will be required for this task.  The sands of a mystic will of course also require help from allies.  An ancient gorilla known as The Tangrin resides on a small island off the shores of the Field of Bone.  After defeating the beast, returning all four items to Polzin will earn the fourth piece of staff.   Combining all four pieces of the staff in the sack provided by Jeb and returning it to him will earn a Staff of the Serpent.      

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