Rumor: GSC Game World Closes Shop, All Development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Ceases

#151 Posted by Mailman (12 posts) -

Ukrainian mafia wanted their cut it seems. Shame.

#152 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -

Damn, like most here I am a massive STALKER fan.

#153 Edited by oraknabo (1567 posts) -

This is probably the most depressing news I've heard in years. I really hope someone good can finish the game. Maybe the Metro guys could pick it up and try to get away from the hallway shootery stuff for a while.

I think the only successor right now could be the Far Cry series, but with the addition of Borderlands-style numbers flying out of people, I'm skeptical.

#154 Posted by CptBedlam (4481 posts) -

Aww that sucks ... I really liked the first Stalker. It was such an immersive experience!

#155 Posted by schematic (25 posts) -

I was hoping for a more polished stalker game :(

#156 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -

My favorite FPS franchise, down the drain. Fuck.

#157 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@hills said:

If you pirated a STALKER game, Fuck You.

Pirating a STALKER game made me buy two STALKER games. Pirating Battlefield 2 is the reason I now own five Battlefield boxes. 
Grow up.

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