Hows the multiplayer?

#1 Posted by Ferginator4k (737 posts) -

Hey a mate of mine is a big Stalker fan and i was thinking of starting with Pripyat( as ive heard its the least bugged) and was wondering how the multiplayer is?

#2 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1622 posts) -
The multiplayer isnt all that good. Its the campaing experience that is the cornerstone of Pripyat. That goes for the two other stalker games aswell. While the multiplayer isnt bad its not something you will get completely hooked on I would guess.
#3 Posted by Dungeonbuster (27 posts) -

Multiplayer's terrible on the US side of the ocean. The single player is the only reason to get the game.

#4 Posted by ThatFrood (3375 posts) -

The multiplayer's especially terrible in that it doesn't work if you have it on Steam, because CoP requires you to input your cd-key ingame in order to log on online. 
Of course, there is a cd-key somewhere, Steam just doesn't really want to tell you about it. I guess I could find it if I tried but, like others have said, the multiplayer isn't all that great. 
Now if there was co op Stalker... now THAT would be something.

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