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So reaching into the deep dark recesses that is my steam library (seriously it has some weird stuff) I came across Call of Pripyat , I'm assuming I bought it was on sale at some point. But for whatever reason I haven't played it. SO GIantbomb I put you too the task of telling me why it's the best game ever and why I should play through it., and what's the best way to play it? Are there some awesome mods out in the wild that I should look into downloading? Maybe you could be a dear and post any relevant links as to why I should play it1 
Thanks GIantbomb <3

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Its a great game, very immersive, and there's a few good mods.
But I'm out of date on those so I'll let someone else handle that!

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Hmm okay

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Yeah, I installed the complete mod for cop before I even started and it was great.

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I think you definitely should try it out, try looking at the different mods on ModDB as there are a couple of complete overhauls (like the Complete mod), but they serve somewhat different needs, so maybe look for the one that sounds most like you'll enjoy using it.

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