Will it crash?

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I'm thinking about getting this game but from my experience with the last STALKER (1st one) where it kept crashing on me makes afraid of this one.  I want to make sure with people here who had played this STALKER that both I can run it and will it crash.
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It runs alot more smoothly than previous games in the series (isn't saying much though i guess). Hasn't crashed on me in the 4 hours i've played of it, and i've heard from other people that it's quite stable so far.
Will it Crash? Maybe, but not as frequently as the last 2 games it seems.

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I don't know whether it will crash or not, but you should get a new processor and graphics card.

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It didn't crash once for me and my hardware isn't great.

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I had a crash when i first loaded my fist save, which was after 30mins. Ever since that I have had no issues at all.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it did crash considering it was recently released. Eastern Bloc games are notorious for being buggy but after patching the game up it should be worth it. That said, the orginal STALKER still crashes on my PC.

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@metalsnakezero: Have yet to have it crash. CoP is very stable.
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@snide: Can you give a quick review, Snide?
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@TMThomsen said:
" @snide: Can you give a quick review, Snide? "
yessss, CoP all over the front page of giantbomb!
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@ThatFrood:  Yeah, but I guess he's been playing more than 30 minutes. :P I'm thinking about buying it... the Steam offer is quite tempting.
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@TMThomsen: get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, a better blend of rpg and fps I know not of.
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I've only had one random crash in the entire time I spent on my first (Russian version) play through. 
I just had one happen in the English version when starting a new game after having just played a couple hours in an existing one. But really, how many times you gonna start your game over without quitting out entirely?

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@ThatFrood said:
" @TMThomsen: get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, a better blend of rpg and fps I know not of. "
So not only have you answered the question of "will it crash?" but you've also answered "will it blend?"
Sterling work, chaps.
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I've spend about 30 to 35 hours on this game. And it havent crashed on me ONCE! So no, I dont think it will crash to much on you either then.

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Ive played it for god knows how long, yet to crash. Frame rate can be inconsistent but its not that bad. 

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about 2 hrs in no problems so far.

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Got the game today and boy it runs a lot better than the 1st one. Thank you all for your encouragement in making me buy this including Master of russian games, Dave.

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Hasn't crashed for me. Seems really stable.

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Seems to crash everytime i "load last save" after dying...

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@Death_Burnout:  edit: oops, disregard last post. Have you tried pressing the quickload key before pressing spacebar after dying?
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@MrKlorox said:

" @Death_Burnout:  edit: oops, disregard last post. Have you tried pressing the quickload key before pressing spacebar after dying? "

As long as i dont die i'll be fine. Kinda makes dying more damn dangerous.
I run the game in pretty low settings, my hefty machine can never seem to run stalker well, but with games like Far Cry 2, Fallout 3 and to a lesser extent, Crysis (never like bringing that game up in a system discussion...ugh) my machine runs silky smooth most of the time.
Its a shame cus only played 45 minutes of the first game, before i couldnt take the constant crashing anymore, never played clear sky, and now with this i was stoked to hear it actually might work for me, because i fucking love Stalker in concept, but it still has problems.
I like to think all of the stalker games have also suffered radiation and that they are full of anomalies (bugs) and that my computer can suffer a "blowout" haha
Edit: oops, Nah i haven't tried that yet, i shall do, i went back to the menu on all times

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