Complete mod, yay or nay?

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I played Call of Pipyat with the complete mod and enjoyed it very much. I played for a bit with the base game before installing it and felt it helped. But a recent reddit post raised the question that it might have changed the gameplay too much. As I think back, i do remember having very little trouble actually fighting enemies at any point in that game, and after I met all the enemy types for the first time, I really wasn't surprised anymore by anything in the game. The post claims that the complete mod changed the weapon modelling substantially. I remember having surprisingly accurate weapons in Pripyat. The post suggested some simpler bugfix/graphics update mods rather than complete.

As someone who doesn't want to put too much stock into reddit opinions on things, I thought i should ask some duders about whether or not the Complete mod is worth grabbing over other mods? Does it make the game too easy?

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I remember having no trouble with most enemies playing through CoP in vanilla form, and haven't actually tried to play it with the Complete mod, unlike SoC. Also the vanilla CoP weapons were much more accurate than in ClearSky vanilla, if I recall correctly. Might have to load up vanilla CoP and Complete CoP games and play them up to the same point with similar gear and do a direct comparison.
edit: I agree with the dude who wrote this post: 
SilentProtagonist said:

Just a quick reply for the other type of player:

Newcomer stalkers! Don't ever, EVER let anyone tell you how to play the game "correctly". A lot of the difficulty in Vanilla SoC comes from its many flaws, like the complete lack of any way (well, one but don't get me started) of repairing items. Yes, there's item degradation and no official way of dealing with it. Sound fun?

Fact is, Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Skies are buggy messes. Think Bethesda's bad? Think Obsidian's bad? Well, our Ukrainian friends at GSC GameWorld (now Vostok Games) are like Bethesda+Obsidian on Vodka!

It gets much better with CoP which I think is pretty damn close to perfect right out of the box but the first two are clusterfucks of unpolishedness and code written apparently lab rats doped up on Caesium-137 running across keyboards. Some mods take care of this. Complete Mod is the closest thing to vanilla you can get without succumbing to the frustration of the occasionally very grating experience that is vanilla.

Give it a try on vanilla if you absolutely feel like it; if not, grab the Complete mod. You are not missing out on anything besides fake difficulty. If it's still not enough, look into Oblivion Lost or OGSE. Both have their own unique pros and cons but generally make the game more enjoyable without pushing some horribly misguided definition of 'realism' upon you or completely changing the experience.

Also, the game is very customizable. A lot of ingame stuff is handled by plaintext config files that can be edited with ye olde Notepad. So feel free to adjust your carry weight, weapon degradation or whatever else you dislike. Do not, I repeat do not listen to the small yet incredibly vocal minority of players who insist you are playing the game "wrong" if your character can survive more than a single gunshot and is capable of hitting on the broad side of a barn. Don't let them deprive you of an otherwise enjoyable game.

(This information applies mostly to SoC because I just don't give much of a toss about CS)

 But with CoP, it seems just fine in vanilla form and doesn't need any mod packs to fix bugs and stuff, unlike those messes that were SoC and CS. If one is going to mod CoP, he/she should probably just get something graphical for the first time through.

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is the misery mod only for pripyat?

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I remember not liking SoC until i modded it, though i don't remember what mod i used at the time.

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