Why does my health keep going down?

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So yeah, I'm a noob at this game. I just finished the very first mission where you rescue Nimble, and now for some reason my health keeps going down. I see the radioactive sign at the edge of my screen (I have Stalker Complete 2009 installed), so obviously I'm suffering from radiation. But how do I get rid of it? 

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In your inventory you will see your health armor and radiation levels. The Yellow is your radiation, which should decrease as you wait, but as I'm sure you've noticed so does your health. To cure radiation you can either take antirad medication (such as vodka early in the game) or continually use health kits/eat to out last the poisoning (depending on how severe). Many of the early quests reward you with vodka.
You must've walked through a patch of radiation unknowingly. Keep an ear out for your geiger click. If you're too poisoned (look at the icon: green is light, yellow medium, red heavy) you might need to revert to an earlier save. It's handy to keep a few save slots going at a time. Quick save with F5 often.
Since you're early in the game it shouldn't be too much of a bastard to start fresh should you have to.

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because the game hates you and no that's not a joke
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There's these weird blobs of distortions, which seem to be the radioactive patches. But they seem to come and go randomly, it's hard to avoid them, especially when sprinting. Should I just keep a supply of vodka and anti-rad on hand from now on? Or is there some sort of armor I can buy to prevent the rad? 

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@Geno: Those are explosive anomalies (i forget what they're called -- check your PDA). 
Select your bolt (I bind mine to B, i think default it is a number) and throw one at it. Use your bolts to disable/trigger/test anomalies. They are one of your most useful tools. Your screen will get grainy and you will hear a beep when you get near one. If you land it right in the middle of it, the anomaly will activate until the bolt disappears. You will need to learn this tactic in order to get past later environmental puzzles. The game sucks at explaining this stuff to you.
They're not radioactive so I'm betting you are bleeding. Is it a tear drop with more tear drops inside it? If so, use bandages to stop the bleeding.
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I've got a radioactive icon and a bleeding icon as you've described. You say the anomalies aren't radioactive? Then where am I getting the radiation from, that's pretty much the closest thing to "radioactive" I"ve gotten in the game. 

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@Geno: There are other patches of radiation that you might have stumbled through. Radiation is invisible.
Unless Stalker Complete added radiation to the burst anomalies?
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So I guess to take care of radiation I have to carry around some vodka and antirads, and I can stop the bleeding with bandages? Is there anything else in general I should look out for on my adventure? 

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When you encounter something new (enemy, anomaly, artifact) check your PDA. You might have gotten a new piece of info.
In your PDA you will see little purple icons on the map. These are treasure stashes you discover the locations of while searching dead bodies.
In complete you can sell and buy more things from individual stalkers you meet in the zone so use that to your advantage.
You have to eat after so long so keep some tuna or bread handy. Especially if you use the sleeping bag.
If your pack gets too full, there are instructions on how to increase your carry capacity in the mod readme.
Don't buy bandages or medkits unless you really need to. They should be abundant later on. 
Don't hoard artifacts, they are great for early game cash.
The trader rips you off, but can repair your worn weapons.
Bullets are effected by gravity so sometimes aim high. Also bullet penetration doesn't seem to be material related, so use it to your advantage.
Look in every nook and cranny. Items can be hidden anywhere.
In Complete explosive cans and stuff can be put in the inventory and dropped in battle for an instant boom.

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@MrKlorox: Awesome, thanks a lot!
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@MrKlorox just about hit the nail on the head, but I feel I should add always keep your eyes open for good artifacts. The Zone is a lot of fun to explore, and thankfully, the game rewards you for exploring every nook and cranny - you can find some crazy artifacts hidden in all kinds of places. The Mica, Slime and Slug artifacts are especially handy - they diminish bleeding effects dramatically, so if used correctly, you'll rarely need to use bandages. Artifacts that reduce radiation (such as Urchin, Crystal, and Fireball) are also extremely handy to keep around - if you're out of Anti-Rads or Vodka, just equip some anti-radiation artifacts, and watch your radiation level drop down to normal.

The struggle to maintain your radiation and bleeding levels may seem annoying at first, but by the time I was about half-way through the game, I got used to it, and found it added a realistic and immersive quality to the already remarkably atmosphere game.

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Oh, I just remembered. DO NOT quicksave while in a forced crouch location like a pipe. When you load a save your stance is not kept, meaning you will load standing and get stuck in the object. Also, even worse, the enemy AI state is not kept when saving, so it's able to be abused.

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@Geno said:
"There's these weird blobs of distortions, which seem to be the radioactive patches. But they seem to come and go randomly, it's hard to avoid them, especially when sprinting. Should I just keep a supply of vodka and anti-rad on hand from now on? Or is there some sort of armor I can buy to prevent the rad?  "
Thats not a bad idea,try. 
Yes,there is a armor that protects a small amount of radiation,but that wont help much.
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Nobody ever mentioned in this topic the possibility that he has a radioactive artifact equipped. Happened to me when I first started playing.

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While not an issue now I ran into this too, after a quick first dip into the game, where somewhere after the first main mission & the nearby train/bridge area with the factory nearby. There was one artifact that I put on my belt that had a random stat boost along with +5 radiation. Always something to watch out for in this game.

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