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The Star Carnival's 5 game modes.

The Extras Zone allows the player to play 8 special minigames. 
Welcome to the Star Carnival, a place that everyone loves to party in the Nintendo Wii game Mario Party 8. The Star Carnival is hosted by MC Ballyhoo and Big Top. This is the place where the Mario Party crew came and play in the 5 areas during the game. Each area has a game mode for you to play on during the game. The main attraction is the Star Battle Arena where Mario and the gang fight for the title of the Superstar, a year's supply of candy and later the Star Rod. Let's take a look at the 5 areas:


  • Party Tent: The 2nd biggest tent. This is where you play Party Mode.
  • Star Battle Arena: The main attraction of the carnival. This is where characters fight for the title of Superstar.
  • Minigame Tent: An arcade in the carnival where players gets to play all of the minigames during the game.
  • Extras Zone: A special tent where even Miis get to play 8 special games.
  • Fun Bazaar: This is the shop where you can trade Carnival Cards for prizes.
Here's a chart of the areas and its game mode: 
AreaGame Mode
 Party TentParty Mode
 Minigame TentMinigame Mode 
 Fun BazaarOption Mode/Shop Mode/Gallery
 Extras ZoneExtra Mode
 Star Battle ArenaStory Mode/Solo Mode 

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