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Hey guys! I'm wondering if you guys would be interested in setting up a Giant Bomb organization, as outlined in this blog post. The details are a little fuzzy right now, but mostly I'm just gauging interest in a community organization for duders. Once we get enough support I can start collecting signups and deciding on the details of the thing (name, type, ranks, etc.)

EDIT: Created! Check it out here!

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I'd be up for it. My plan to hurl my Aurora LN at everyone else's more expensive ships may work a little better if I've compatriots to retrieve my smouldering corpse.

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I'd be down with that

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Count me in.

@kirkyx said:

I'd be up for it. My strategy of throwing my Aurora LN at everyone else's more expensive ships may work a little better if I've compatriots to retrieve my smouldering corpse.

Wait, you didn't invest 15.000 in this game? Pfffff...scrub!

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@abendlaender: I've come close - like,really fucking close - to dropping the extra money for an Avenger a couple of times. Thankfully, my present financial circumstances - student, non monies - and the way I keep reminding myself that, if I can't earn one in game in a decent amount of time, I'll probably get bored and stop playing anyway, have stayed my hand, and my debit card.

Still, two years left to go...

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Just be aware initially you will only be able to join one organisation, not multiple for this early phase. Further down the track they will bring that functionality in to accommodate multiple Orgs at once and obviously establish alliances etc. Just so people are aware if they sign up early.

Aside from that I'm all in.

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I'm totally into that. I just need to get a new graphics card before Star Citizen launches :/

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Definitely interested.

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Sign me up, chief!

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I'm on board...

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I have all the ships, Im a horrible spender. Im on board

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Alright, sounds like there's interest (unsurprisingly). I'm going to wait until the actual feature launches to start collection info, so keep your eyes on this thread when that happens.

Do you guys have any preference on name, and what kind of organization we should be? I'm pretty awful at naming things, to be honest, and while we could just be 'Giant Bomb Corp' or something one of you guys is probably way more clever than that.

This is the list of organization types they have right now, for inspiration:

  • Corporation – a for-profit business entity. A corporation is a great choice for everything from shipping flo-pets to Goss II to organizing a hostile takeover of Origin Jumpworks.
  • PMC (Private Military Company) – For organizations with a taste for combat. Focuses for PMCs include escorting cargo runs, hunting for pirates or helping the UEE take on the Vanduul.
  • Faith – Organizations that have come together for a single cause or under a single banner. This could be rebels fighting for Terran independence… or the devout followers of the LAMP!
  • Syndicate – Common interest groups for those who operate on the edges (or outside) the law. There’s safety in numbers when you’re moving contraband through Spider or preying on hapless cargo ships.
  • Organization – Want to make your own way without any previous association? Feel free to leave your group’s archetype blank!
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We've got a few different tried and tested names available, if none of us can think of anything original. There's 'Giant Bomb Heavy Industries' of 'Syndicate' fame; Star Trek Online's 'Space Neon Lobsters', assuming any remaining members of the fleet are alright with us using it, and my personal favourite, "Big Jeffery's Big Organisation". (The last was something of an adlib. Wait, how about 'The United Federation of Duders'?)

As for our category, much as I'd like to push 'Syndicate', I think it'd probably be best to just leave it as 'Organisation'. We want to keep the organisation open to anyone from the site who wants to join, so it'd be best to avoid giving ourselves too specific a purpose.

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They just pushed the organization system live. Lets do this.

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I'm here to say i am interested in joining whatever Organization gets started here. Space Lobsters? ???

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Saaaame here.

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I'm in! VinnCo? Bomb Squad?

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We're "Giant Bomb Space Duders" unless someone has a serious problem with the name (in which case it's easily changed). For now, I think you can just hit the 'apply' button and I'll try to check in every now and again to catch up on accepting them.

Now! We need a banner (dimensions: 1140x380), a background (dimensions: 1366x768), a logo (175x175) and a member icon (24x24). I'm really bad at making stuff like that, so get on it!

Also, we need member ranks. There are four member "roles" and 5 possible ranks; I want this to be a mostly 'flat' org, so we're probably going to have at bare minimum a "Member" rank and a "Mod" rank. As for roles, I'll probably have just one to help out with organization and accepting application.

I'm thinking this:

Head Luchadeer (Founder)

Luchadeer (Mod)

Duder (Member)

Do you guys think there's value in having other ranks?

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@mageknight: Depends on how deep they go with Organization mechanics, it might be useful to have other ranks to allow certain dedicated members to run things, like events or relations with other organizations. If the organization is just so likely minded players can talk and organize basic stuff with each other then those three roles would be fine but who knows with this game!

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Not interested in the game, but "Giant Bomb Organization" sounds like a keyword for NSA checks.

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It's definitely something that can change in in response to the needs of the guild. It seems like you can't edit user permissions, though. so I'll probably keep the 'officer' and 'recruitment' roles as-is and assign them both to my officers.

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You can only be in one Organization at once?!?

..I guess that makes sense.

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I'm game!

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Apparently the ability to join multiple organizations is coming 'soon'.

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I should have thought to check back here after the Organisation system went live.

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what is this game even

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I would actually like to propose making a VinnCo organisation. I would create it myself but I have already created an organisation of my own.

If anyone is interested, contact me or post here and we can set it up. As soon as we're able to be in multiple organisations I will join and take up more responsibilities if necessary.

Name: VinnCo.

Spectrum ID: VINNCO

Archetype: Corporation


Commitment: "Regular" or "Casual" probably

Primary Language: English

Role Play: "No" I'm guessing


Primary: Engineering

Secondary: "Social" or "trading" maybe

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Very cool org page and logo. I'll be in once they update the ability to join multiple orgs.

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Just applied to join the organization. Haven't checked in to RSI for the past few months. Still blows me away how quickly they've been growing and just blowing past stretch goals!

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@fatalflame Approved! I'm not checking the guild page as often anymore - about once every few days - but if anyone sends an invite but doesn't immediately get in just post here.

Hrm - need to work on this a bit more in the near future. Though we're going to be mostly dormant until actual things start happening - we'll probably do something around the release of the dogfighting module - I'm going to start assembling some of the important bits of text and thinking about rules and guidelines for the community. Most importantly, I'll be strengthening our ties to the Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub, where we'll be able to hang out in Mumble together! Hooray.

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I vote 'Bat-Tech Inc.' as a possible final Org name :D

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Hells yeah I'm in!

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Multiple Orgs are now live - I've applied to join the GB ranks! You should too!

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Application sent. Just in time for Arena Commander release!

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I still want to create or at least have a Vinnco as an affiliate organisation to the Giant Bomb one.

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Just applied, you guys can hang out in my space hot tub on my Constellation Phoenix someday in the future!

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Just got the game and applied :P

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