Website back up and running, let's get pledging!

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@WinterSnowblind said:

@selbie: It's specifically the $30 and $40 tiers I'm having trouble understanding. The only difference seems to be the title "scout" for the $30 and "mercenary" for $40. I'm not sure I understand why something like that would be worth an extra $10 and without any idea of what the backer ships we get are, it's hard to put a value on most of the higher tiers either.

I usually am in favour of crowd funding projects like these, I just find it hard to see this one as anything more than a pipe dream. There's a lot of hefty promises with little to back anything up (although the tech demo was rather impressive, it's still just a tech demo). But like I said, I'll probably fund it if it gets closer to the goal, just because I would really like to play something like this.

There is no difference, just if you get in early its a little cheaper as a thankyou (the cheaper options are limited)

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@WinterSnowblind: The $30 and $35 tiers are actually the $40 tier, but at a discounted price.

I certainly understand your reservations. At least you still have around 20 days to make up your mind :P

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$1.000.000 reached.

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