Why they are they previewing it with a console controler?

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As a huge fan of Wing Commander, Priviteer and X-Wing series. I am really excited about this game, I will definettly sponsor it in KickStarter (my first time ever). But if the whole appeal of the game is catter to that High end PC Space Sim fan crowd, that has been neglectec for several years, why, god, why, did they had to preview it on their promotion and kickstarter video with a Video Game controller? If they just wanted to show the ship models and environment stuff, ahy not just use a mouse? And if they want toshow gameplay why not use a HOTAS device? That would show their commitment to the demographics they are aiming to, not not look like a bait and switch expeculation.

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i know. i was so angry when i saw this i spat on the ground and kicked my cat. fucking video game controller indeed.

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Once it's built they can always put in the options for HOTAS or other things. Considering how many people are familiar with pc/ps3/360 game controllers it just means that more people will be hooked into the game after playing it with a controller they know & the people who have a flight stick setup can change the options.

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Who plays a flight sim with a mouse ? Are you nuts ?

A controller is a completely viable option in conjunction with a keyboard, no matter how complex the game is. The best way to play will probably be with a good flight stick, and they did show one in one of their videos. So I see no problem here.

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This is a weird complaint. Did a "Video Game controller" murder your mother or what's the deal here?

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I had this same opinion as was shared on the previous bombcast: the control was probably for basic flight and fight operations, while the more complex buttons and such were reserved for the keyboard. To me, there is nothing wrong with that.

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The first time I played TIE Fighter was with a game controller and it was still a great game. A controller does not make the game. I personally will probably play Star Citizen with a Joystick, but I doubt that most people will. Also, they're probably still at a relatively early stage of development. It's probably easier to program with one control scheme in mind and then accommodate the other forms later. Considering that there are a wider range of Joysticks it's hard to think that it would somehow be easier than programing for a standardized control scheme.

Also, yeah, playing a flight sim with a mouse is totally whack.

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The game is supposedly going to support all kinds of controllers on release so I guess that's one way of showing it off. He has a proper flight stick sitting next to him in a video also.

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SlashDance: Who plays a flight sim with a mouse ? Are you nuts ?

I never said that they should play with a mouse, I said to show the models like in the CAD application or whatever tool they use.

But back to your comment, I think playing a Flight Sim with a mouse is nuts, but some people thought it was a good idea, remember this?


Zaccheus: This is a weird complaint. Did a "Video Game controller" murder your mother or what's the deal here? I have nothing against Console Controller I love using it for certain games, but nor for Flight Sim or Space Sim, they just undermine their whole KickStarter desciption by showing the preview video with a Video Game Controller.

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How does using a controller in the video undermine the Kickstarter description? If they say it will support HOTAS, what difference does it make if they use an Xbox controller in the video? Either take them at their word or don't -- but if someone is so paranoid that they can't even trust them on that point, then they probably wouldn't be going anywhere near something like Kickstarter anyway.

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You can't make back your 15+ million$ budget only selling to crazy people.

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"Omg, the games going to fail because an early alpha build of the game is being played with a 360 controller, if he was even playing the game at the time. " /sarcastic

of everything to bitch about there has to be something else, maybe the 2014 timeframe?

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Using a controller (something all PC game enthusiasts have) is betraying the PC enthusiasts.


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Get over your stupid elitism.

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Because videogames.

A flight stick is a more complicated controller, you can't play those types of games without analogue control.

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Possibly because its easy to play with a controller while not blocking the screen? Also possibly for personal preference.

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Hey, look everybody, it's an angry person on the internet with no actual basis for his argument but only wants to antagonize people.

Never seen that before.

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It's probably a clever marketing.

If you show a gamepad, it'll look "approachable" for the common gamer. If you show a HOTAS, it's a huge investment.

He talks about supporting HOTAS, rudders, Oculus Rift, etc, so don't worry about it, so don't worry about it?

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Yeah everything is supported. I love playing super complex and detailed games but the only thing I have to play flightsims is my 360 controller. You can play DCS with that shit, lol.

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Cause mice don't work well for space sim combat and almost no one has flight sticks anymore.

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Says the guy with the green name.

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Man, GiantBomb is so hostile nowadays...

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I imagine Hotas support has not been built in yet and is probably much more complex to build in than a Xbox controller, game aint due till 2014 so makes sense. Also i bet it works pretty decent, game pads for pc aint no bad thing ever as an option.

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This is a weird complaint. Did a "Video Game controller" murder your mother or what's the deal here?

I had just managed to block that out of my mind... What an awful night...

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its easy to setup for Chris Robert's keynote instead of building a 747 cockpit on stage with working gauges and joysticks just to show a 5 minute gameplay section with not much interactivity.  
End of story. 

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I thought the bro said he uses that because that's what he was most comfortable with.

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Because flying with a KB\M is clumsy, you get more natural movement with a 360 controller. I always switch to controller when playing BF3 on PC when I get a Jet or Heli. KB\M are only good for top down view games and FPS multiplayer shooters, everything else is better with a controller.

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More people have access to a gamepad they can hook up to their PC than a flightstick.

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Because they probably they want more people to buy/play the game.

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I just wanted to stop by and leave this comment. Thats it, see ya.

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@BraveToaster said:

Because they probably they want more people to buy/play the game.

Exactly. Knowing who is making this, it will probably work great with a KBM, or a controller, or whatever else they want it to work with. I don't understand why some people wouldn't want more people to play and enjoy the games they like.

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Joystick, gamepad, mouse, keyboard are all supported.

We’ve all got our preferences, so why be forced to choose?

From the Kickstarter page

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