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Star Command: Revolution was a real-time strategy game originally released for DOS back in May of 1996. It was updated and again released for Windows 95/98 in 1998. Tragically a far superior game, StarCraft, was released around the same time as the re-release and completely overshadowed Star Command's achievements.  
Star Command Deluxe was a multilayer focused game that had 4 races to choose from and would typically begin you with a mothership and place you in one of four corners of a square 2D map, similar to that of Warcraft. The mothership had the ability to gather resources and create defense turrets and space stations. The construction of stations would then allow you to create warships and purchase upgrades for warships. Each race (Terrans, Computrons, Nomads, and Triumverites) had its own advantages which revolved around specific tactics that could be realized faster than any of the other races. These tactics revolved around spread firing, multiple-shots, long distance shooting, and more powerful technical weapons. All races could eventually build comparable battleships however if you build towards one tactic and your opponent builds towards its natural counter you would likely lose. The point of the matches was to destory all of your opponents space stations and units. Destroying the mothership was usually the most important tactic however as when the mothership is destroyed the player can no longer gather resources or progress up the tech tree. Maps could support up to 4 players at one time. One other interesting note is that the map could run out of resources fairly quickly and a stalemate was not entirely impossible. The game had some balancing issues as usually a massive amount of multiple-shot units could defeat any other combination of units even though they were typically the weakest unit.
Star Command Deluxe had a small but loyal following of users who posted on the official company forum ( Metro3D, Inc). The developers would occasionally comment about how they were working on an extensive single player campaign that would greatly satisfy the community and draw more attention to the PC game itself. No such PC campaign was ever released, however it is highly likely that the experience the developers were referring to was the later released Armada game for the Dreamcast as it followed some similar themes. 

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