holyshowtime's Star Fox 64 3D (Nintendo 3DS) review

A Nintendo 64 classic reborn

This is a great N64 remake for the 3DS and if you own one, you shouldn't miss out on it. Star Fox 64 was one of my favorite games for the Nintendo 64 and it looks great on the Nintendo 3DS. The game plays the same way as you remember. You begin in Corneria and you choose from 3 paths to get to Venom to fight Andross. A lot of secrets are still in this game like flying through the arches in Corneria, even going through rings in that meteorite place to jump into hyperspace. Star Wolf is there just like in the original Star Fox 64 and it's basically the same game just with new features and better graphics. Maybe not exactly the same game because the voice acting has been rerecorded instead of using different voice actors. I think it works fine although I will say that Fox still sounds whiny and Slippy still sounds weird. I'm glad Falco doesn't have that stereotype New Yorker accent. One downside to this is that there's no online multiplayer and I think Star Fox 64 3D would have been perfect for it. It only has local multiplayer and some camera feature which I think would have worked better if it were online. One thing I don't like is that you have to go through Training Mode first before you can actually start the game. For someone who obviously knows this game like the back of his/her hand, you don't want to start by training first. All that aside, This is a classic game and it's still a buy for anyone who owns a 3DS.

Posted by President_Barackbar

This review is way too short, very uninformative, and offers little to no commentary on the game itself.

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