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Adventures? 0

StarFox: Adventures is a good game.  A very smooth and fun game.  So why 3.5/5?Because StarFox isn't an adventure game.StarFox: Adventures did something that a lot of developers are afraid to do and that is very novel.  They did something drastic with a well-established franchise.  This game's 2 predecessors were both on-the-rails fly-by shooters and they were fun.  When I got StarFox: Adventures, I knew they were adding adventure game elements (hence the title) but I wasn't expecting them to be...

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Starts strong, but eventually loses steam 1

Rare. Rare is a company that, some would say, used to be obsessed with trying to emulate Nintendo. All one has to do is take a look at their library of games to see more than a few striking similarities. Donkey Kong Country seems to emulate Super Mario World. Diddy Kong Racing emulates Mario Kart 64. Banjo-Kazooie emulates Super Mario 64 (the game’s star character, Banjo, is even said to be a tribute to Shigeru Miyamoto, who plays the banjo in real life). For Star Fox Adventures, Rare chose to e...

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Ground Control to Major Fox 0

Take your protein pills and put your helmets on, Team Star Fox is back! But does their latest adventure make the grade or does it leave you wishing that they would return to there floating tin cans far above the world?Fox McCloud, the famous intergalactic mercenary is back to kick some tail, dinosaur tail to be precise. His new adventure has him trotting through the lush vegetation of Dinosaur Planet, as he hones in on cogs and turnips, all the while shooting the breeze with the many prehistoric...

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Don't listen to the 64 Fantards... 1

Star Fox Adventures was my first (apart from Melee) trip on the gamecube...and i only got in in 2007... so how does it stand? Just about excellent. Gameplay: Nintendo took a risky decision with the Starfox series and decided that the 'sequel' to Starfox (or Llyat wars) 64 should be an action/adventure game - due to the increadibly differnt formula many fans of the series took to the responces 'Not half as good starfox 64' or 'This game sucks'... just DON'T LISTEN TO THEM The gameplay is absol...

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Star Fox Adventures Review 0

For my Video Review, go to, Star Fox Adventures was the first Star Fox game released on the gamecube WAY back in 2002, and its premise and gameplay differ from that of your average star fox game. The story of Star Fox Adventures has Fox Mcloud trying to save Dinosaur Planet from destruction, while saving some key characters along the way. Story aside, what separates Star Fox Adventures from the rest of the Star Fox games? Wel...

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A decent adventure game for younger players 0

While this is an impressive first adventure game for the Starfox crew, it is a little more liner than I like. However the somewhat straight forward progression is helped with a decent story and well thought out cut scene placement. For those that need a lot of help Slippy is always on hand to point you in the right direction, even if you didn't want to know. The upside is that if you ignore it as an adult you get an extra bit of difficulty, but it can help out the younger or less skilled members...

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An overlooked gem for its time, but nothing special now. 0

t's too bad this game is not more popular, because it is a really great game. The gameplay style is very similar to Zelda: A platformer with some puzzles. There are many items to find and obtain in this game. This game probably uses every gameplay mechanic there is in a platformer game. There are some fetch quests that can become very tedious, and the Star Fox style flight missions are annoying, but overall this is a very good and long game with many things to discover, and a pretty good story. ...

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A solid and charming adventure 0

Nintendo's Star Fox franchise has been around since the Super NES days. Back then the polygonal graphics were state of the art and its 3D space shooting style of game play was beyond anything that was out for the consoles of the day. While the original Star Fox was a technical achievement, it wasn't until the N64's Star Fox 64 that it was firmly established as a solid franchise. Star Fox Adventures is only the third game in the series and the first one to appear on the GameCube and takes the ser...

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Star Fox Adventures is nothing new, but still a worthy Adventure 0

I haven't played a Star Fox game since the original came out on the SNES. So I'm not exactly a huge Star Fox fan, but I am a huge fan of Zelda and similar adventure / RPGs, so I'm glad they made a game like this rather than a space shooter. Star Fox Adventures will never touch Zelda's qualities, graphics, controls, storyline or length, but I still had a ton of fun. The game was pretty easy up until the last battle, but the puzzles were creative enough to keep you entertained all the way throug...

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