warfust's Star Fox Adventures (GameCube) review

A decent adventure game for younger players

While this is an impressive first adventure game for the Starfox crew, it is a little more liner than I like. However the somewhat straight forward progression is helped with a decent story and well thought out cut scene placement. For those that need a lot of help Slippy is always on hand to point you in the right direction, even if you didn't want to know. The upside is that if you ignore it as an adult you get an extra bit of difficulty, but it can help out the younger or less skilled members of the family enormously.

There are a large number of puzzles to solve and it is obvious that development team has taken some of it's inspiration from the Zelda series. The puzzles vary in complexity, but none should leave you stumped for too long. The combat is similarly straight forward. While it is live action, there is not more button mashing then anything else due to a lack of need of strategy. The enemies are not that bright, and your attacks are very limited. What variety there is is more "style" than "substance". The combat looks great, and allows you to progress through areas fairly quickly without taking too much damage.

Your main weapon is a staff in this game, and you gain power ups as you progress. As per standard fare these are required for the puzzles and enemies you are about to face. he interface for accessing your weapon choices (and items) is very straight forward and one of the easiest I have used. Overall this is a great game what is just long enough to make you happy you took the time, without feeling like it may never end.


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