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Don't listen to the 64 Fantards...

Star Fox Adventures was my first (apart from Melee) trip on the gamecube...and i only got in in 2007... so how does it stand? Just about excellent.

Nintendo took a risky decision with the Starfox series and decided that the 'sequel' to Starfox (or Llyat wars) 64 should be an action/adventure game - due to the increadibly differnt formula many fans of the series took to the responces 'Not half as good starfox 64' or 'This game sucks'... just


The gameplay is absolutely great - The game mostly consists of collecting items, travelling to different locations (which are not avalible at first) and other related tasks. You could even say it was a zelda clone, and fans of the zelda series will notice elements of zelda in the game, but the game still has it's own unique charm and holds up suprsingly well. Throughout the game there are also some sparsly placed bosses which are quite epic (one a massive T-Rex - WOAH!) and 'Krozoa Tests'.... some are pretty easy while others are painstakingly HARD! *runs away from test of fear* WAY TOO HARD!

My only complaint with the gameplay is that it's quite linear and gets repetitive at times

The graphics are actually quite superb for a 2002 title. I remember coming in this in 2007 + looking at the water and saying 'OMG THE WATER LOOKS LIKE WATER!' but that's maybe because i was looking... too closely... lol. The fur graphics on the charater models on Fox and Krystal looks realistic and superb also... maybe perhaps the best ones in a game ever. (or maybe im mistaken.... there's not a lot of games with anthromorphic charaters in... mmmmm....)

If you buy the game i'd expect only a once through playthrough - however the game is interesting enougth to play through again if your a furry or a zelda freak... lol....

The music is beautiful to bog standard...

The soundtrack for some areas is just plain awesome and atmospheric and in other areas it feels like the developers got lazy and threw in some discords and drum riffs to keep you in suspence... or maybe that's just me with my picky musical tastes :P

Overall if you see this game it's worth a playthrough. it's not a 'Must Buy' but expect this game to give you a lot of fun if you don't look at all the minor flaws it has and get past the fact it isn't Starfox 64 2....

Posted by spankingaddict

yes.. i dont know why people say this game sucks... i would say its superb overall...

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