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Heartbreaking Disappointment 0

Let me preface this review by saying that Star Fox is one of my all-time favorite franchises.  I remember getting the original for my 12th birthday.  I remember running right for it at my first E3 in 1997.  And I remember waiting at my local game store for 2 hours a couple weeks later for it to show up.  With all of that said, Star Fox Assault hurts.  It had the potential to be so much, but it is a disappointment to say the least.  The game starts off feeling like it's predecessors and trie...

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Title? How about "Star Fox: Assault"? 0

It’s February, 2004. Star: Fox Assault hits the shelves. Namco delivers it this time, trying to combine the space missions of Star Fox 64 with the action/adventure of Star Fox Adventures. And oh how it tries. The single player mode isn’t that long, with someone beating it within 5-7 hours on the bronze setting. The missions are made so that you can replay them over and over. Why would you? You’ll find out later on. Anyway, it starts to look like another ‘Andross’ battle at the beginning, but soo...

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Nice Ideas, but a little rough around the edges. 0

The 2002 release of Starfox Adventures marked the first Starfox game for Nintendo's 128-bit console. The reaction from fans was mixed. Some loved it, some hated it. But everyone agreed that they wanted a 'true' Starfox game to come out. When Starfox 2 was shown for the first time at E3 2003, the game got a less than warm reception. It was in the very early stages of development and just didn't look or play very well. Still, it assured fans that there was a new Starfox game being made, and for ma...

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