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Star Fox Command is a worthy entry in the Star Fox series. 1

Fox McCloud is just your typical mammal looking to have a great time flying through the skies and stars of the Lylat system. Accompanied by his buddies: Falco, Peppy, and the always obnoxious Slippy, Fox has guided bored kids with fast-paced game-play for years, with visuals that were always among the best on the series’ respective consoles. Yet, over the years, Fox decided to take a break from what he did best -- a change that would haunt the lives of his fans for years to come. Why Nintendo? W...

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StarFox Command - Underappreciated 0

StarFox Command was my first game for the Nintendo DS and what a great start to the world of portable gaming it was for me. The series as whole has been a favoured one all my life as I grew up with it. Command is the latest and I can't say Im very dissappointed with what the series has to offer lately. The whole out of the arwing and into the wild [StarFox Adventures] was a daring leap but was managed to be pulled off only to be poorly done afterwards [in StarFox Assault] by Namco. Maybe Ninte...

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A Welcome Change from Previous Entries in the Franchise 0

Aside from Zelda, the Star Fox franchise is my favorite Nintendo series of all time.  For nearly a decade now, the franchise has been on a rocky road of mediocrity.  After the masterpiece that is Star Fox 64, Fox and the team made their debut on the GameCube with Star Fox Adventures, a Zelda-clone developed by Rare, which was indeed a good game but nevertheless was not what Star Fox fans were looking for.  Then, last year, came the lowest point in the series with Star Fox Assault developed ...

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Star Fox Command 0

Lylat wars, Corneria, Fox and James McCloud, the struggle against Andross. If none of this is ringing a bell, then you’re in for a treat with Star Fox Command. For those people, however, who have played the N64 classic Lylat Wars [or its equally revered SNES predecessor] from which this DS title is descended, prepare for yet another disappointment. In spite of strong appearances in the Smash Bros series, the Star Fox series of games for which Fox McCloud was originally known has long been in dec...

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