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If You've read the StarFox comics, You'll understand why Fox is here in his arwing...He's the most ruthless mercinary who still has some morals left in him and the upcoming threat of Andross is not one to be left any longer...

The gameplay is fairly simple, dive, dodge, duck, shoot and release some bombs...
Simple; yes, but very entertaining, giving a great retro game feel to Star Fox which is a good thing indeed.
Shooting and bombing ground targets to bizzare giant flying creatures to your classic gargantuan boss, be it a tank or a flying HQ with Air-to-Air missles, practice will make the game seem easier every time you play.
It may not have multiplayer but it can be shared, you and a friend or family could take it in turns to play for the highest score and the furthest level.

The graphics may be polygonal but remember, this was the bleeding edge of the SNES Graphics can expect worse graphics from the SNES but this is a good show of what were amazing graphics for that time period.
Again, they may be polygonal but there is a large variety of colour and the changes in colour you will see are very good and change as different things happen, worlds you visit will look completely unique and different in shapes and textures.

You can't really expect much from a SNES now; for sound.
But the sounds are surprisingly good for such an old game, explosions, laserfire and afterburners all have their sounds, everything sounds unique.

Value overall...its worth getting if for some reason you were to buy a SNES or have one, StarWing or StarFox and just haven't tried it out yet. (they're named differently in the US and EU!)
If you do have a SNES and have dug it out of the attic for some retro gaming, and you do see StarWing in the shops and have a little spare change, go ahead; buy it, hours of fun await you and friends.

Posted by SilverZeo

Will this be out on WiiShopping soon or is it already there?

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