glanesb's Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Xbox 360) review

Escape from Reality

For me this game has been a true escape from reality. As a big fan of the JRPG experience, the Star Ocean series has always been one of my favorites. While playing through many of the others, with TOV being one of my favs, I KEEP on coming back to SOTLH. Whether it is the huge amount of "Perv" that the TRI-ACE guys put in, or the sharp cut graphics, or the plain annoying ":Fanboy" (especially 'KAY), I KEEP coming back to this title.  Plain and simple, I love this game. It takes me away from the seriousness of life. It does what games are supposed to do. Especially the JRPG's. Thank-you TRI-ACE.

Posted by jprnotld87

For a very short review you totally nailed it! This is why I play RPG's or more specificly JRPG's. It's a great escape from every day life and all the BS that goes along with it. Great review!

Posted by glanesb

thanks JP. playing another go-round. Please give us back Star Ocean!!!

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