A few questions part II

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I was wondering if this game is long and if theres a lot of grinding involved...thanks!

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Now in my opinion, all matters considered, this game might actually be good. Having not played it myself, I feel as though it would be irresponsible to post much upon the matter, but from the reviews I've seen, most video game players (aka "gamers" as they like to call themselves) view this game in a positive light. Most professional reviewers also tend to view it positively, but to a lesser extent. Grinding will most likely be a problem in this game, as it is in most others you play. Games of this genre, these Japanese role-playing games (or "jrpgs" to neophytes) are rife with such game play. The best way to get beyond droll game play of the type is to take the game in small doses, enjoying the combat in regular intervals when it is least likely to irritate you.

Good Luck in your choice!

In all seriousness,
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Cool, thanks for the info

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A dear friend of mine, Kyle Snyder, posted a very informative review on this http://youtube.com website. I feel that it will prove most useful.


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I found another. Methinks this will aid you greatly.


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sweet thanks

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Games ok, there is a lot of grinding, especially towards the end... all of a sudden the difficulty spikes like a bitch. :/

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And another...


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Begin random lulz?

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And another...


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Shawnmeboy said:
"Begin random lulz?"
oh noes we dont want to anger our mighty lords
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And another...


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i think i might get this soon

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Shawnmeboy said:
"Begin random lulz?"
It's as the good book says:

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Oh you crafty crafty people.

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