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Star Ocean was a tedious and linear RPG. 0

This is my first Star Ocean game, not exactly a good start with the series I guess. This game was a very tedious and linear experience. A few things that bugged me was the poor controls. While Star Ocean is similar to a modern Tales of.. game, it just isn't as user friendly as one. You can switch between the characters on the fly in battle, but you have to make sure the character you are changing from is turned on "Auto" or else he will just stand there. Targeting is very difficult too, for exam...

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It doesn't take any risks... (story aside) 0

But it does what it does right. GameplayThe gameplay is interestingly complex, while at the same time being easily accesible. The combat takes place in real-time, and there are no random encounters. That is, you can see all of your enemies on the game screen. When you touch one, you will go into a combat field. You control one of your party members while the other party members are controlled by AI. Its very intuitive and just fun to play.StoryThis is where some controversy came in. The story is...

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Strong Pieces That Don't Click 0

Star Ocean 3 just seems like a waste of potential, save for most of the music. There are so many good things to say, though everything good has to include a "but" clause. Coming from Tri-Ace and SE, I had some high expectations and was ultimately let down. SO3 suffers from being diminished in the shadows of peers. Its presentation and VA lag behind even early cycle entry FFX, while the story driven space opera narrative doesn't hack it with Xenosaga.The story was interesting at times, but overal...

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Star Ocean: Till the end of time 0

Star ocean started with a great opening cut scene but then things started to get worse, the most annoying thing seemed to be the little amount of time you actually get to play the game after being constantly interrupted by really slow and unnecessary dialogue, the in game graphics seemed ok but nothing special and everything seemed to be playing out inside a space station or ship with all gloomy, grey walled rooms. however the more i started to play, the more i started to really enjoy it. the gr...

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Few games emphasize the "G" in RPG. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!***************Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (SO3 hereafter) is the third game in tri-Ace’s flagship series. tri-Ace (yes, the “t” is lowercase) is a relatively unknown developer, but with four games under their belt (Star Ocean: the Second Story, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, and now SO3), they are making quite a name for themselves. The RPGs they have introduced to the genre thus far have ...

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OH god star ocean!! 0

I LOVE star ocean. one of my most favorite games i have ever played. i love how long it is. i hate those games that last like 3-4days. the amount of content SO contains. there is just sooooo much to do. IDC what you think but Abel is simply the best char in the game. hands down. his palm of destruction owns maxed out and with 9999 atk. i do insane damage with it. my 2 other party members are fayt and nel.  plus its nice that even after the story line is completed you can do alot more stuff!! lik...

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