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Star Parodier is a 1992 spin-off and parody of Hudson's Star Soldier series. It features gameplay similar to the core series, but the stages and playable ships instead have a fantastical, comedic spin. It is thought to be Hudson's answer to Konami's Parodius series.

Players can choose from 3 "ships": Bomberman, PC Engine, and Paro-Caesar (the regular Star Soldier ship). Each ship has three unique weapons. Players can also change the ship speed at at any time. Most levels are in some way related to other Hudson developed games, such as the Bomberman-themed stage.

Star Parodier was a PC Engine CD-ROM² exclusive until 2008, when it was added to the Wii's Virtual Console library for the US and Europe and made available in those territories for the first time. It followed the Star Soldier main series title Final Soldier onto the service, which had also been a PC Engine CD-ROM² exclusive up until that date. Star Parodier had been slated for a TurboGrafx-CD release, as Fantasy Star Soldier, but this version was canceled mid-development.

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