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Star Trek Legacy Review 0

After a long and arduous release I finally got to sit down and play Star Trek Legacy. For the most part it’s a very competent enjoyable game with a large number of small faults that add up and to some degree ruin what could have been a much better game. The gameplay in Star Trek Legacy is nicely paced, it isn’t as fast as games like Ace Combat, but it doesn’t have the slow methodical pace of a typical strategy game either, unfortunately the game’s instruction manual actually happens to leave out...

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Decent Trek. 0

Star Trek Legacy (Xbox 360) …300 years of dispute If there ever was a franchise with some terrible games it would be Star Trek. Ever since the dawn of gaming there have been games based upon the five series’ which isn’t a surprise in retrospect seeing as many a computer nerd able to program games back in the 80’s, probably enjoyed a bit of cheesy TV sci-fi. With time however, there is sure to be improvement somewhere down the line and Legacy is a title that definitely does that, maybe not as...

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Best star trek game yet 0

Ahhhh star trek that old chessnut the old fans getting to run around in brillaintly designed ships and fun combat situations. This is what star trek legacy does seem to offer to people who arent even dedicated fans which is what the game does. The campaign is very linear unfortunately with 15 missions covering all the known TREK areas from archer in the old school NX to captain picard in the finest ship in the federation fleet. The game itself is very fun the missions are sometimes simple kill e...

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Star Trek: Legacy 0

Star Trek fans have had some pretty funny luck when it comes to video games. For every good game like Starfleet Command or Elite Force there is an Star Trek: Encounters or Star Trek: Pinball. Luckily, Star Trek: Legacy is a pretty decent game, although it is clear that it had the potential to be a whole lot better. On paper, Legacy sounds like a great Star Trek game. Give the player control of lots of ships, cover every series, include the voices of every Starfleet captain, and tie it together w...

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