A great (limited-time) way to get lots of fleet marks!

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Hey guys! I know most of you have probably been playing other things lately (as I have been), but there's a great opportunity for us to finally finish the first fleet dilithium mine upgrade project which will unlock the ability to mine our own dilithium asteroids! There's a limited-time event going on now that, among other things, earns you a lot of dilithium ore, a special very rare duty officer, and 500 fleet marks (in addition to your choice of 250 marks). That's potentially 750 fleet marks for each lobster that could at the very least knock off a big chunk of what we have left to finish the upgrade, if not complete it! The details are here:


You'll need to do the new PvE queue once a day for 14 days in order to finish this reputation event (as I believe you only get one of the items needed for the rep a day), but I think it's totally worth it. So, anyone going to join me in getting our mine open for business?

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I am running it on 2 SNLers, and I will start with a 3rd today. That should bring in 2250 marks for me, plus those that you get for individual runs and the mark boost increase. This event should give us a nice step up.

I am a tad annoyed at the AFKers in some PUGs though.

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@kristov_romanov: Sweet! Are you putting those marks in the mine upgrade, or somewhere else?

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@samuraigarrin: Yep, I'll pop them in the mine. I am really waiting for us to get the Spire going though. Some nice space equipment there.

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@kristov_romanov: Agreed, but the dilithium ore refining contract is pretty sweet, too (the ability to refine 500 extra dil beyond the 8,000 limit). Are you planning to slot that after the tier 2 mine upgrade completes in a couple days? I believe I'm going to save my fleet marks for that project.

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@samuraigarrin: the extra dil refining will be slotted. :) more dil is always good.

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Thank you gentlemen.

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