Buying uniforms in game and cryptic points

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So I'm a little confused by this, when I go to the in game tailor am I accessing the Cryptic store? I have plenty of energy credits but it says I NEED to have Cryptic points. Am I unable to buy uniforms without Cryptic points? and did I miss hear on the Bombcast that Jeff said there is a way to earn Cryptic points in game?

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You can earn Cryptic points in game, but you have to trade some ore or something for it. I forget the name of it, but I think it was the pink ore in your currency tab thingy. You can trade x amount of ore for 1 CP usually. There's a tab or shop or something where you can trade, but I forget where. It's been a few weeks since I've last played and I only started playing when it went f2p.

Also, you only need cryptic points for premium uniforms which are listed right alongisde everything else for the purpose of showing people what they look like and/or letting them buy them right there if they have enough points.

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Most of the uniforms are premium, however all of the non-open Antares and Sierra tops, the TNG Movie (iirc) top, and most of the pants and boots options can be bought with only energy credits. There's a check box somewhere in the editor that turns off all the costume pieces that you don't own.

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You get the dilithium ore from daily quests (ie. history of the Federation/Klingon faction from the academy, exploring the nebula/clusters, playing user created missions, missions from duty officers, ect.), most of these won't give you a ton but apart from the duty officer missions you can usually get 500-1000 dilithium ore out of it which lately has been trading for about 200 per 1 cryptic point but it varies. After the ore is refined (in assets tab on inventory) you can then pull down the more button (lower right corner near minimap) to get to the bridge/fleet/ect. but one of the items is a dilithium exchange. At the exchange you can trade dilithium for cryptic points, just put in the amount that's there to buy & how much, it's pretty instant after that. A bit more here, blog post on STO episode 5. If I'm online feel free to ask away. Good luck.

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