Collector's Edition for $9.99 at Amazon

#1 Posted by Great__defunct__Northern (127 posts) -
#2 Posted by super2j (1812 posts) -

was this the thing Jeff got? and wow 9.99 is 125% bargain bin. At this point i will give it 2 more months before either free to play or servers are pulled down.

#3 Posted by Mrskidders (1330 posts) -

That is $9.99 too much for this game.

#4 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

Yeah, the regular edition is on sale right now on Impulse too. There's even an exclusive race for Impulse.

#5 Posted by Jedted (2443 posts) -
@super2j: No, Jeff pre-ordered it i believe.  Along with the $300 lifetime subscription. 

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