Connection Issues with STO

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I just downloaded star trek online today using steam and i'm playing on a free-to-play account. Every 5 or so minutes i'll be disconnected from the server. When i alt tab out of the game when this happens, my internet is clearly still working but it will say a cable has been unplugged. However it will immediately be fixed and say i'm connected again and I can log back into the game for another 5 minutes before i become disconnected from the server. I've been to the technical support page and nothing they suggest is helping. Does anyone know what's going on? I really want to play this game but in its current state it's impossible.

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Do you ever get the 'server not responding (insert number)seconds' text in red at the top of your screen when playing it? Because I kind of have the same problem. I'll get a 'server not responding' text, and become unable to move or perform any actions. I don't get as many disconnects, though, unless it's on a super-high server. Try logging into the game, open up your map, and click 'change instance'. Switch to the instance with the least amount of players on it, and see if that helps. Also, turn your graphics quality down in the options menu, that made the server more responsive for me. Other than that, I'd make sure your cables are plugged in right, because they might be getting knocked out or something. That's the only solutions I can come up with.

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Yeah that's the exact same problem i'm having. It mostly happens during load screens and the only way to get out is to ctr alt delete. Thanks for the advice! i'll try it right now.

I already checked the cables and they're fine. Only star trek is having connection issues

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did exactly as you told me and so far so good! thank you so much for the help

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@Fribain said:


did exactly as you told me and so far so good! thank you so much for the help

Glad to help. STO servers tend to be a bit heavy, so that's usually what causes disconnects for me.

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