Do you like sleek or rough space ship designs?

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While playing STO and TOR I realized Sci-Fi universes basicaly have two types of space ships. Thoose with a clean design like the Normandy and the Enterprise and those with a more rough, broken design like Serenity from Firefly. So what kind of space ship do you like?

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Rough and space-trucker-y is always more endearing.

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The Normandy SR-2 is my favorite spaceship in anything ever so I'm gonna have to go with that sort of design, love the sleek look

The U.S.S Citadel Lights, my ship in ST:O, is pretty damn sleek

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Sleek. I want it to look like it can cut through anything while it is blowing shit up. Plus, sleeker just looks faster and more efficient. Sleek that is paired with simplicity is the best. No extra parts here and there. No extra components just for the sake of having them. I want my ships efficient, classy, and nice.

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I want my ship as large and robust and overwrought as possible

Ideally with a massively oversized cannon strapped to it.

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As big and crazy as possible.

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I like my starships like I like my women, sleek, sexy and equipped with a series 401 hyperdrive motivator. 

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Both, but I prefer the Normandy-style ships.

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I wouldn't really call the Enterprise sleek, but the Millennium Falcon is my 'favourite' of those you posted.

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I want my spaceship to be dirty as fuck and spitting out pollutants.

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Sleek over rough, but I like both really.

  • Enterprise D (my all time fav)
  • Normandy SR-2 (very close second)
  • J-Type 327 Nubian Royal Starship from Star Wars (as sleek as they come)
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I loved the space ship designs in Homeworld

The Mothership
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I guess it depends. In something like Mass Effect or Star Trek, when the protagonists are working for some sort of large organization (like Star Fleet), then it makes sense for them to have a nice, sleek looking ship. Conversely, if it's some smuggler like Han Solo, then I think it should have something that looks like it was found in a space junkyard.

So, both.

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"Used future" is awesome. For some reason I find the sleek minimalistic take on the future less believable.

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I'm a big fan of sci-fi that's somewhat more grounded in reality, so I really like the whole rough-and-tumble, space-beater vibe of things like Starcraft's space-truckers and Firefly's... Well, Firefly.

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Raw dog.

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Probably somewhere inbetween, but what I really like are spaceships that look like sea-faring ships.

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