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Seems like Cryptic are still supporting Star Trek with some pretty heavy changes on the way, in a recent thread on the forums Dan Stahl of Cryptic announced their plans for the near future and beyond. Here are some of the biggest changes hinted at in the coming weeks or months, seems like ground combat will be the biggest change...

In Development
These items are actively being worked on by the at this time by the development team.

  • New Ground Combat v 2.0 - major update to weapons and a new over shoulder aim and shoot (optional) reticle system
  • Improving responsiveness of ground weapons and powers
  • New Running, Sprinting, and 8 direction of movement animations (keeping your weapon pointed where you are looking as you move)
  • Fleet Action Lobby System (organize teams up to 4 teams and join or launch Fleet Action map)
  • ”Jupiter” uniform series (2409 based jackets)
  • Duty Officer System (formerly known as the crew system)
  • New Bonuses, items, craftables, and game mechanics related to Duty Officers
  • New Tutorial for both FED and KDF (existing FED Tutorial will become a FED prequel mission for Khitomer Accord)
  • New persistent maps for FED and KDF tutorials (Starfleet Academy on Earth and Klingon Academy on Qo'noS)
  • Ability to skip new player tutorial after you've done it once
  • Updated Qo’noS Hub Map
  • New ship variants to fill in ship gaps at each tier (FED and KDF)
  • Removing the concept of "Off-Duty" costumes and simply giving everyone "costume slots" you can use to store costumes
  • Recipes to craft additional melee weapons
  • New craftable consumable items
  • New Loading Screens
  • More detailed Sector Space and Galaxy Maps
  • Reviewing designs of the STFs to determine areas that need improvement and ways to make these episodes better
  • Many UI and HUD updates, including a much easier way to browse ships and see variations before purchasing
  • Fan submitted Enterprise   

This is only a snippet of how many changes they're talking about. Recently I've decided to jump in for another month just to give me something to play, I like me some space and some Star Trek and I enjoyed playing at launch. It will be interesting to see when these fixes hit the live servers. I wonder how many people are actually even playing anymore?

What are your thoughts? Will this make you consider jumping back in or not?

Full article here.
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I would like to see the GB crew return to "Set Phasers to Fun", the often overlooked Endurance Run that wasn't called an Endurance Run.

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I'm pretty much always on board the STO project. I appreciated the little things they delivered with the game, while not being able to justify a monthly subscription for more than a month per six months, so far.
I personally like how they put a lot of focus to make it feel more Star Trek with the episodic missions, changes to Space Dock and the Duty Officer system. Certainly a lot more fun to level your dude now that there's so much more you can do.

Yes Cryptic got off to a poor start but I've been repeatedly impressed with their relentless work to improve the game.

Think the biggest thing to me there was the point where you'd be able to visit other planets in the Sol system.

 Long Term
Designs and features being considered for updates further in the future

  • Converting First Officer to Playable Captain and vice versa
  • Fleet Starbases
  • More Remastered Episodes
  • More Fleet Actions
  • More PVP Maps
  • Improved Social Planets with social gameplay
  • More Minigames
  • More parts for AlienGen
  • Ability to construct new ships at Starbases
  • Territory Control Game
  • Customizable ship interiors
  • Additional Playable Factions (Romulan, Cardassian...)
  • More Species (Androids, Aenar, Talaxian, Hologram species)
  • Vesta Class ship
  • Improving Hair and Cloth tech
I wonder what  "Converting First Officer to Playable Captain and vice versa" means? I can promote my first officer to Captain and subsequently making him a playable character for me?

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