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#1 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3322 posts) -

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a shout out that I just saw that Cryptic have been kind enough to open a 'invite a friend'-program. 
So if you're on the fence about the game and want to try it out, give a shout out here in this thread and I'm sure some of our fellow Space Neon Lobsters can hook you up.

#2 Edited by kilaen (16 posts) -

I'd like to check it out. Hook me up please! :)
Got a key, thanks.

#3 Posted by Mikemcn (6996 posts) -

I tried it out in beta and would love to play again, I only got to hang out with the lobsters for about 2 hours at the very end of it so id love to jump in again haha.
#4 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3322 posts) -

Mine's reserved for a friend that possibly wants to try it. But if he stalls for more than a week, I'll gladly offer it to one of you guys.

#5 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

Ill give it a try. Send me a code? 

#6 Posted by predator (352 posts) -

I'd love a key too, I missed the beta!
PM me, I'd really appreciate it.

#7 Posted by Evilsbane (4648 posts) -

My dad wants to play after he messed around with the beta, so I would take a spare key, Thank you!

#8 Posted by super2j (1733 posts) -

i just watched the star trek movie(most recent one). I would love to try out the game!

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