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Poll: Lobster Grill! Trivia Contest (63 votes)

Alpha 30%
Beta 19%
Gamma 25%
Delta 25%

Happy summer duders! Thanks to the Romulan expansion, some live Giant Bomb coverage, and the resulting huge upswing in active Lobsters, it's high time to run a contest to welcome new and returning players to the game! This contest will run for 2 weeks, closing on June 15th.

Some of these are pretty big prizes, so in order to win big, you need to work for it! ;) There are three categories of trivia, to give everyone with different strengths a fair chance. Many of the questions are not easily Googled.

  • You Don't Know Giant Bomb
  • You Don't Know Star Trek
  • You Don't Know Star Trek Online

What you have to do:

  1. Vote on this poll
  2. Read all of the questions carefully
  3. Send me a PM with your answers
  4. Be a member of the SNL fleet before June 15th.

What you can't do:

  1. Be an officer (Crab) in the fleet (we are the prize sponsors)
  2. Post your answers here (because other people will steal them, mail them to me, and ruin your chances)
  3. Enter more than once (you monster)
  4. Choose your prize (this is the random luck bit)

What you can do:

  1. Offer to trade your prize winnings with someone else
  2. Sell what you win on the in-game Exchange
  3. Request anonymity
  4. Donate more prizes!

Prize list: (subject to updates/changes without notice)

  • Mirror ships
  • Clothing
  • Pets and novelties
  • Duty Officer packs
  • Rare and Very Rare Duty Officers
  • Rare and Very Rare Bridge Officers
  • Guns, lots of guns
  • Aegis gear sets (qty 2)
  • Master keys (qty ?)
  • 1000 Zen card code (qty 2)
  • Free Tier 4 Fleet ship (qty 1, winner must provide 20,000 fleet credits)

Fine Print & Administration: (read this too)

I will collect the answers and assign all valid entries an anonymous number, and all prize categories a random letter with the quantity of letters representing the final number of available prizes. I will send those lists to 2 fleet officers, one of whom will shuffle the numbers, the other will shuffle the letters. They will be able to independently confirm I did not alter the order when the winners list is published.

This contest is offered as a for-fun community event, independent of Giant Bomb, CBSi, Cryptic, and Perfect World Entertainment. Depending on where you live, your local laws may not permit you to enter this kind of contest. Prizes have no transferrable cash value. These are freely offered digital goods and product keys. There may be more entries than prizes, or vice versa. Many will enter, few will win. I and other members of the SNL fleet are not responsible for any technical problems that may occur in the receipt of contest entries, or the delivery of prizes, and offer no warranty or obligation that prizes will be received by recipients. Prizes will not be re-awarded if claimed to not have been received.

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(Paste this into a saveable draft document while you work on it. DO NOT post your answers in this thread. Past into a PM to Brackynews.)


  • Your main's character@name and faction?
  • Which poll answer did you pick above? (This is your secret bonus prize.)

Answer any20 of the following 30 questions. More than 20 answers does not improve your chances. Less than 20 answers disqualifies the entry.

There are no wrong answers, except when the answers are obviously wrong. Less than 10 correct answers disqualifies the entry (pass/fail).


  • What does Ryan's arm tattoo say?
  • What arcade machine does Drew own?
  • What is Vinny's formal job title?
  • What has Jeff never broken?
  • What should you do with the Giant Bomb iOS app?
  • What foreign country is home to some of the Whiskey Media site engineers?
  • What kind of site is Giantbomb.net not?
  • What piece of equipment makes livestreams happen? Name the autograph visible on the panel cover during live streams.
  • How old was Patrick when he first went to a gaming expo? Name it and describe his badge.
  • What happened moments before Alex announced on the Bombcast that he was going to work for Harmonix?


  • What is Captain Sulu's famous line in Star Trek VI?
  • What is the name of the food Data's cat eats?
  • What musical instrument does Riker play?
  • What first-ever television event is Star Trek: The Original Series famous for?
  • Where is Moriarty?
  • What has every Q been, while inside their own continuum?
  • What high school did Geordi LaForge go to?
  • Nero's ship in the JJ Abrams movie is adapted from what technology?
  • Which Star Trek actor has played a modern day astronaut? Give the title.
  • Several scenes were cut from the theatrical release of Star Trek: Generations. Briefly describe one.


  • What title does your character have right now?
  • What is your score on the fleet holdings leaderboard?
  • How many characters are enlisted in the Space Neon Lobsters fleet?
  • What year does Star Trek Online currently take place?
  • Who is the Duty Officer contact at Starfleet Academy?
  • What is the most expensive item in the Dilithium Store?
  • What is the maximum number of crafting skill points you can earn?
  • What is the name of the Undine Special Task Force mission? What sub-sector is it in on the map?
  • Who is the Cryptic developer responsible for creating the Duty Officer system?
  • What special ship weapon can only be crafted by a Klingon character?
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This is scary and over-complicated. I abstain!

#3 Edited by Brackynews (4246 posts) -

@cirdain: The TL;DR is, send me 10 correct answers and you get something for free. Having some fun with it is the bonus for us both!

#4 Posted by DoctorSage (184 posts) -

Man, my gaming PC better get here before this contest ends so I can enter.

#5 Edited by kristov_romanov (493 posts) -

Have fun guys! Best of luck to all who participate!

Happy to donate a few more prizes. I have a few dozen Mirror ships that are just collecting virtual dust.

Edit: Not nearly enough questions from the best ST series. :P

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Man that's a lot of hard questions

I'll answer some tomorrow!

#7 Posted by Akyho (1818 posts) -

Hmm I really should organize working with the fleet. As I have a lvl 50 fed thats in the fleet yet I have not done anything with or for the fleet yet. As I have switched to a Reman with the Romulans.

Ill enter this comp to see about boosting my chances of helping out with the fleet.

#8 Edited by Brackynews (4246 posts) -

@akyho: No problem! Running fleet or STF missions with fleetmates is always the #1 value-add, which simply means play with friends. Not hard.

@lclay: Ya did good!

@kristov_romanov: You're not wrong, but there are so few Enterprise seasons to draw from. ;D

#9 Posted by kristov_romanov (493 posts) -
#10 Posted by Blackout62 (1502 posts) -

Of all the episodes of Voyager I could choose to be my first it had to be the one that answered one of the real humdingers on that list, and I'd already submitted.

#11 Edited by Brackynews (4246 posts) -

@blackout62: Good choice! No worries though.

Reminder that there is still 1 week left to submit answers and you are


Official update to the prize list:

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Famous quote from Sulu in Undiscovered Country? Damn I can think of at least 3 memorable Sulu lines in that movie.

#13 Edited by fisk0 (5208 posts) -

oh, man, too many I don't know the answer to. :(

#14 Posted by Brackynews (4246 posts) -

@fisk0: Then try to make me laugh. I bet you'll get plenty right!

@sharpshooter: Pick one! :) Good odds.

Right now odds are very good actually, and I'd prefer to not feel it's necessary to extend the deadline and drop everyone's odds. So get those answers in and reach critical mass! Thanks to the mods & Matt for all the unsolicited site promos.

I'm willing to share my answer key to whomever asks after the contest closes. I'm shying away from posting it here, since that makes it more googleable which might impact similar trivia questions on the internets. They won't be reused by me in SNL.

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Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll use this post for some housekeeping and final updates once I have the chance to log in to the game.

UPDATE #3: (Most) Prizes have been distributed!

If you have won a quantity&variety prize like "Mirror Ship" or "Console Pack" etc, you are welcome to view the Fleet Rewards tab and pre-emptively send me a Mail with your preference, first come first served. Without hearing a preference, I will pick one type at random, and it's your choice if you want to trade with someone.

You're Weiners List:

Pasting in a spreadsheet is several shades of ridiculously difficult. So here's black text on a white background.

Thanks to everyone for entering! One anonymous user decided to forego the main prizes, so those will be rolled into the next occasion to give things away. The "Latinum Tier" of 10 grand prizes was one each, the "Dilithium Tier" had 30 assorted prizes with the potential for duplicate wins, and the Poll Bonus was a stack of 25 DOFFing commodities assigned at random. In addition, all 10 winners received an entry bonus of 5000 Fleet Mark boost, 1 mini-pack of Federation DOFFs, and 1 mini-pack of Gamma DOFFs.

Thanks again to my double-blind randomisers, your glorious co-leader @Hero_Swe, and our long-lost SNL co-founder @Legend who is through the wormhole in Account Support Limbo (probably big spiders there too). Pups 'n chomps to @Rorie for being the integrity overseer and point man for PWE's generous donation of Romulan Starter Packs. Last but not least our active SNL Officers for crafting, banking, and donations directly to support the contest and the fleet.

#16 Posted by Akyho (1818 posts) -

Man I have been busy since this comp started. I have been doing fleet missions with other SNL and other PVE to throw marks and Dill at the fleet.

Atleast thats somthing. Hopefully we can get the starbase past rank 3 over half way so far.

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