Space Neon Lobsters Assemble!

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Update, January 2012:

Star Trek Online is now free to play! All the new players who wish to join the fleet should contact the following officers:

On Giant Bomb, PM:




Or you can contact them in-game if they are online:

/tell Elbon@Elbon

/tell Caaras@Caaras or his second character Caarah@Caaras

/tell Hero_Swe@Hero_Swe

We are also looking for more duders who would like to become fleet officers, so that there will be at least one fleet officer online when people try to contact them to get an invite. If you'd like to be a fleet officer, please let me know.

Oh, and don't forget the password is batmanbatmanbatman. ;)

GLHB, duders!

Old fleet info:

Since the STO beta thread is now locked, I thought I'd make this for fleet discussion and organizing raids and events. Only six more hours before the head start. I hope everyone is as excited as I am because I'm very excited. ^_^

If anyone wants to join, please send me an in-game pm ( /tell Axel@Axxxel) or pm any of the following fleet officers:










Max Powers@PhatSeeJay



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Dang, love the logo.
I'm kinda confused though. Are there going to be two Giantbomb STO fleets? What's the relationship (if any) between Space Neon Lobsters, and Intergalactic Space Crabs?

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@MAST said:
" Dang, love the logo.  I'm kinda confused though. Are there going to be two Giantbomb STO fleets? What's the relationship (if any) between Space Neon Lobsters, and Intergalactic Space Crabs? "
SNL is the Federation fleet, and IGLC is the Klingon fleet.
#4 Posted by lockwoodx (2532 posts) -

The space lobsters prefer those squishy pink things they call humans.

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The intergalactic laser crabs on the other hand know how to turn things up to 11 and rock it out. Just look at our guitars!!!! You know you want to join our fleets!!!!

#6 Posted by JokerClown88 (1107 posts) -

I think we need a theme song.  "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's anybody?  That will make it seem like a party. 
#7 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

Need customized lobster logo to put on my ship instead of the Federation logo! :O

#8 Posted by Krepta (17 posts) -

I am so in for Space Neon Lobsters! Sign me up.

My Cryptic username is Krepta247. I'm usually running around Star Trek Online as a 6'6" dude with bright blue hair and a bright orange, black, and blue Starfleet uniform. =)    

#9 Posted by desoda (159 posts) -

Sign me up! :) 

#10 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Oh that logo is bloody awesome, great job on that. Seriously that is brilliant :D
Good luck SNL, teach those kids how to do the running man properly!

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I want to join! 

#12 Posted by ScudFTW (39 posts) -

I'll be a SNL! Scud@HildyB

#13 Posted by End_Boss (3363 posts) -

Phenomenal logo. I look forward to rejoining the group when my laptop gets back.

#14 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

Where are you, guys? It's so lonely without green fleet text! :(

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Exceptional work on the logo.
My handle is @Jimboman
(I'm probably not gonna bother with it too much until I'm done with Mass Effect 2, but after that I'm totally there).

#16 Posted by Big_Fact_Hunt (107 posts) -
@PhatSeeJay: Well I'm not there because I launched through Steam, there's a problem with that it seems. Deletes and redownloads the client...... yeah...... 10GB...... looks like I'll be a while ;(
#17 Posted by Silverbrand (117 posts) -

Is there a certain someone to get in touch with to join the lobsters? Or should we all just post out handles on there? I made up a veronica@silverbrand so...yeeeeaaahhh....

#18 Posted by ScudFTW (39 posts) -
@Big_Fact_Hunt: I just encountered the same problem. I launched through the desktop shortcut for the first time and it started redownloading. I guess we need to be consistent with which method we launch
#19 Posted by Rallier (1947 posts) -
@Buzzkill said:
" The space lobsters prefer those squishy pink things they call humans.
Added some realism
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@ScudFTW:@Legend: If it's any consolation (no, it's not, I know) we can in future completely bypass Steam by creating a shortcut to the exe located in our steamapps\common\star trek online folder. Patching is done through the launcher after all, it's what I was using at first when I was getting the 'Unable to authenticate' message from the launcher. I only tried to launch through steam to see if I'd have better luck with that, turns out it was worse luck.
#22 Posted by ScudFTW (39 posts) -

well I finished updating, and ran through steam as I've always been doing and it launched as usual. So I'm back in.

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@ScudFTW said:
" well I finished updating, and ran through steam as I've always been doing and it launched as usual. So I'm back in. "
You must have a superfast connection to be able to download a 10GB file in such a short time. Unfortunately mine says it will be done in 14 hours.
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#25 Posted by ScudFTW (39 posts) -
@Legend: was coming down at 3.1mb/s
#26 Posted by Binny (105 posts) -

I would love to join up! Bob@binfodus

#27 Posted by risingsunset7890 (53 posts) -

Sign me up =)   Ryne@risingsunset7890

#28 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -

Sign me up too. 

#29 Posted by EdTwo (482 posts) -

dude this logo makes me wanna buy Star Trek Online

#30 Posted by ScudFTW (39 posts) -

Has anyone started the Fleet yet?

#31 Posted by MrQuinn99 (45 posts) -

I'll join! 
My username is MrQuinn99 

#32 Posted by Nictel (2666 posts) -

Reporting for duty: K'veer@Nictel

#33 Posted by JokerClown88 (1107 posts) -
#34 Posted by MadDog31 (16 posts) -

Solusar@Shokaract - I'm down.

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I'll be in the game in an hour or two. Somebody send me an invite Biggles@Spellbot5000, if that can be done while you're not in-game that is.

#36 Posted by Spiral_Stars (481 posts) -

How did this Space Neon Lobster term come about, anyhow?

#37 Posted by Robo (858 posts) -

A little something I threw together.
I'm definitely down. Just finished downloading via Steam.
Name: ???@ROBC3
#38 Posted by Arcavial (32 posts) -

I'll join up with you guys as well. 

#39 Posted by JokerClown88 (1107 posts) -

So...who is starting the fleet?
#40 Posted by dundelzahn (11 posts) -

I'd like  to join . send an invite to  laleru@dundelzahn

#41 Posted by Spellbot5000 (114 posts) -
@Robo said:
A little something I threw together.  I'm definitely down. Just finished downloading via Steam. Name: ???@ROBC3 "
Very cool! Yours would work very well for an in-game logo if they have that sort of functionality.
#42 Posted by crapdragoon (62 posts) -

invite to space neon lobsters  please!!

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I'll join up too, Nomas@M0NKF15H  (that's a zero there not a caps "O")

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Need a fleet invite :)
Edit: Also that logo is brilliant.

#46 Posted by Six (622 posts) -

Six of Six@CatpainTypo
make sure you misspeel it properly ;-)
made my first borg, but i will be making a new one when retail codes go live. hope to find a few decent starter upgrade items while i'm playing until the 2nd.

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If anyone wants to join, please send me a /tell Axel@Axxxel or any of the following fleet officers:
Kat@Captain_Reed (or Nine@Captain_Reed)
Max Powers@PhatSeeJay   

#48 Posted by Mike (15302 posts) -
@Legend: it's "Kat" not Kate@Captain_Reed
Moderator Online
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@MB said:
" @Legend: it's "Kat" not Kate@Captain_Reed "
Oops, sorry, Reed, for the typo. Fixed
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@Legend: Oh yeah, and I'm Calibos@Mike-GiantBomb on the USS Poseidon. Can't wait for my NX ship designation and the next tier. I finally got into the fleet after about an hour of waiting because there was only one "officer" online and that person wasn't responding to tells.
Moderator Online

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