Game is pretty much boned

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It will have to spend an extra year just waiting to come out. When the game started development, the movie was supposed to be ready by summer 2012. But then JJ Abrams took too long with the negotiations and such, and now it's slated for summer 2013. The game will either have to come out in its slated release time of summer 2012, with no movie to support it, or it will have to remain on the back burner for an extra year, during which not a lot of work will be done to it, because this game has already been in development for about a year and half (budget would skyrocket if they kept working on it).

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I'm pretty sure that there are enough people who care about Star Trek for it to at least do okay.

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I had completely forgotten this game existed.

But yeah, Star Trek is a big enough thing that it doesn't need a movie behind it to help build excitement. It'd help, but it doesn't seem necessary. How long can it take for them to pump out a Gears of War clone though?

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Well, considering how positive people were being about the game when the press last saw it, I'd like to think that the extra time will be put to good use. But, knowing how studios and game budgets work, that's unlikely unless they have A LOT of confidence in the product.

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Welp, you called it!

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