Favourite Star Trek Game?

#1 Posted by Zenszulu (36 posts) -

Just wondering what everyones favourite Star Trek game has been over the years? Mine has been Star Trek: Bridge Commander probably the closest game I have played to what it would be like to captain a star ship, although story wise I loved Legacy.

#2 Posted by GiveUpNed (238 posts) -

My favorite Star Trek games are Star Trek Armada 2 (1 is good, but 2 is better), Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2 and Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

#3 Posted by Pazy (2682 posts) -

Offhand I cant decide between Elite Force and Bridge Commander. Both hold so many great memories for me and both were great games beyond the License.

#4 Posted by KirkyX (164 posts) -

Bridge Commander, easily. With all the mods floating around, I was playing that game for years after launch.

#5 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2511 posts) -
  • Starfleet Academy 
  • TNG: A Final Unity
#6 Posted by Robitt (365 posts) -

Yeah Bridge Commander. Granted I haven't played that many games in the Star Trek universe, but that game is goooood.

#7 Posted by Jedted (2647 posts) -

I gotta go with Elite Force because i played the multiplayer in that game to death, was even part of a clan too.  You could say it was just Quake dressed up as Star Trek but it's also the best Star Trek game out there.  I didn't play a lot of EF2 so i don't really have an opinion on that one. 
I kind of have a special fondness for the ST: Borg and Klingon games just because of how much effort apparently went into them.  The acting is a little hammy and gameplay boils down to something like a first person point n' click adventure game but it's fun to watch.   
#8 Posted by JGPM (29 posts) -

I've always loved the games based on Deep Space Nine, namely Crossroads of Time on the Super Nintendo and Genesis and The Fallen on the PC. They're probably the most "immersive" Trek games I've played. On that note, I also adored Star Trek 25th Anniversary as a kid on my Mac (I never played the NES version so I can't comment there).
I also liked both Star Trek Armada games and very much enjoyed Star Trek Starfleet Command 2 and 3 (I nearly fainted from joy when I heard they were doing a SFC during the Next Generation timeline, my favourite era).
I never got a chance to play the Next Generation games on the Super Nintendo and Genesis , though I heard they were supposed to be excellent as well.

#9 Posted by Falconer (1821 posts) -

The only one I ever played was Legacy. Not worth 60 dollars, but it was still pretty fun. Especially if you had some friends to play with online and you're all using ships with a cloak. Fun stuff. 
I was in the beta for STO. If that goes free to play I will definitely play it some more.

#10 Posted by OldGuy (1591 posts) -

Star Trek. Or just Trek. (gonna have to make a page for this, as one doesn't seem to exist, but I need to do some further research first)... Popular on mainframes and mini computers in the 70's. 8x8 (or was it 10x10, yes, I think it was 10x10) grid where you fought Klingons and Romulans, you could warp to different sectors, stabases to refuel, restock and repair. And you could play it with only a printing terminal. :-)

#11 Posted by DasSmiter (39 posts) -

Starfleet Command (1, 2, 3) and Armada are good, but my favorite is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_The_Next_Generation:_Birth_of_the_Federation
4X star trek multiplayer baby, although the defiant is a bit overpowered.

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