Mysterious LucasArts Project Is Star Wars 1313

#101 Posted by Gaussan (7 posts) -

@dr_mantas: [sigh] I know right?

#102 Posted by Asmundergunderson (33 posts) -

... but will it have Kinect support? Because if I can't stomp around shouting "BLASTER ON" and "XBOX KILL JEDI SCUM" then no deal. >=(

#103 Posted by CookieMonster (2502 posts) -

First time I'm interested in a star wars game in ages. Weird, it doesn't even sound that good, but I'm intrigued.

#104 Posted by Shtinky (800 posts) -

Most likely won't be anything special; just one of those games you consider buying, when you see it in the bargain bin, at your local game store.

#105 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1872 posts) -

@RedRoach: mercs was made by pandemic but yes all those games were AMAZING

#106 Posted by Flawed_System (386 posts) -

This is going to be awesome.

#107 Posted by Pibo47 (3236 posts) -

Yup. Doesnt look like republic commando two still.

#108 Posted by Marshermallow (311 posts) -

@Toxin066 said:

A Star Wars game with allegedly "no force powers" (from GI's article), featuring a unknown character? Why bother.

I'm hoping this game makes me eat that snark and that it turns out to be something good.

last Star Wars game I remember playing without force powers was Republic Commando, arguably one of the best star wars games from the last 10 years, for me at least

#109 Posted by Petervs (73 posts) -

sounds very interesting

#110 Posted by NTM (8484 posts) -
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#111 Posted by _Nuno_ (195 posts) -

@RedRoach: Outcast and Academy were both great games, but the other ones were kinda overrated. Battlefront especially, it just copied battlefield in a bad way.

#112 Posted by zeus_gb (634 posts) -

I see LucasArts still can't get past making Star Wars games.

#113 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

You know what I'd be interested in, as someone who feels like he's pretty much done with Star Wars?

A game without force users. Considering how relatively rare Jedi and Sith are supposed to be, I can't think of many games where they aren't front and center. (Tie fighter, X-Wing, Dark Forces - come to mind, though I'm not so sure about Dark Forces). And that's a bit weird.

#115 Posted by Nilazz (736 posts) -

It's been forever since I was interested in a Star Wars game, maybe this can change my mind.

#116 Posted by MrCaptain (400 posts) -

@UKSamwise: Why did they left out this part in the movie? It would be a nice break from all the terrible things happening in that film.

#117 Edited by TheGorilla (232 posts) -

I don't like Star Wars, but MOTHERFUCKER! That looked damn good! Was not expecting next gen, but that was next gen as fuck. Wonder if there will be an uglier version for current gen.

#118 Posted by DrDarkStryfe (1312 posts) -

With the thing running on a high end PC, I think they might hold off for next gen.

#119 Posted by drac96 (748 posts) -

I was expecting this game to be something I'd care about, but I was sadly mistaken. Sure it has some pretty stellar graphics, but other than that it looks like a generic third-person shooter so far.

Hopefully they'll show more than a whole ten seconds of gameplay during the show.

#120 Posted by Martdawg (46 posts) -

Soooo not Xwing vs Tie fighter reboot...

#121 Posted by gbrading (2324 posts) -

You lost me at "Star Wars". LucasArts was used to be much more.

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