This masterpiece is $5 on Steam all weekend long

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#2 Posted by SSully (4185 posts) -

Do people even play this online anymore?

#3 Posted by LetsRockBaby (241 posts) -

Will do when I get home. Played the fuck out of it when I had it on PS2 years back.

#4 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -
@SSully said:

Do people even play this online anymore?

I have no idea, but if there are no servers I will fucking buy one.
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@SSully said:

Do people even play this online anymore?

Edit: Yeah, last time I checked (a couple months?) there were plenty of servers.

Yep, this is one hell of a game. Bought it awhile back on PC. Played the hell out of it on PS2 back in the day.

#6 Posted by SSully (4185 posts) -

@xobballox: Same. I mainly did the singleplayer and still had a blast. It was a hell of a game.

#7 Posted by OtakuGamer (1234 posts) -

I brought this game on the last sale, what an awesome game. Shame Battlefront III isn't coming out anytime soon.

#8 Posted by imsh_pl (3295 posts) -

Fuck that game is so good.

#9 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

I guess I'm finally getting rid of that 6 dollars thats in my paypal.

#10 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I have the PS2 version, also fuck Mace Windu!
Yoda is where it's at!

#11 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8698 posts) -

Aayla Secura > all those fake Jedi.
Great game, singleplayer is fun and MP is cool with friends, definitely worth it.

#12 Posted by MikkaQ (10288 posts) -

I still kinda regret buying that on the last steam sale. I guess I exhausted that game when it was new.

#13 Posted by John1912 (1883 posts) -

Looks just awful......

#14 Posted by countinhallways (632 posts) -


#15 Posted by Althox (293 posts) -

Thinking about buying this. Though most servers in the EU area are empty now... Will check that out in morning. oooooOOOH GO Windu!

#16 Posted by Aetheldod (3579 posts) -

@Hizang said:

I have the PS2 version, also fuck Mace Windu!
Yoda is where it's at!

Pfft , Revan is THE Jedi

Is SW: battlefield2 multiplayer only?

#17 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

I forgot you could be a Droideka, fuck.
Fuck this is great.
@Aetheldod:  No, it actually has a substantial singleplayer component.

#18 Posted by Spoonman671 (4632 posts) -

I'd rather get Republic Commando for the same price. That is, if I didn't already own it.

#19 Posted by Akrid (1356 posts) -

You guys are making me want this game even though I know I don't want it.

#20 Posted by Bucketdeth (8010 posts) -

This is a great deal but makes me sad that I may never see a Battlefront 3, especially since it looked fucking fantastic and was designed by one of my favorite developers.

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Since I seldom play MP games these days, I'd rather buy either Republic Commando or Empire at War. Possibly both. 'cause hey, not buying games that cheap means I'd lose money! Right?

Oh, but yeah, it is awesome. I had the first one, think my brother got the disc now. And I tried this at a friends house a few times. Really fun. So for anyone loving both Star Wars and multiplayer games, this is a great purchase.

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Oh man, I wonder if I still have my copy somewhere hmm.... not gonna buy it again, it's a sweet game. Played the shit out of it when it came out.

#23 Posted by SoftCoreDave (151 posts) -

KOTOR, the only star wars game I'll ever give my time to

#24 Posted by Shookems (474 posts) -

I wish Jedi Academy was on sale

#25 Posted by hwy_61 (922 posts) -

@LordXavierBritish: Thanks for the heads up, will definitely buy!

#26 Posted by falling_fast (2218 posts) -

the ai in this game is pretty bad. still a fun multiplayer game, though

#27 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2385 posts) -

Might buy Republic Commando. I've always wanted another good Star Wars FPS.

Not interested in Battlefront because I know I'd just get my ass handed to me by every single other player.

#28 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4740 posts) -


Shit, thanks for pointing out this was on sale. Been meaning to buy it.

#29 Posted by supermonkey122 (817 posts) -

installing it now

#30 Posted by MikeHawk (382 posts) -

@Bucketdeth: I agree. It's a shame it became vaporware. My friend and I spent most of 2005 and 2006 playing this game.

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