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Star Wars Battlefront II PSP Review 0

Star Wars: Battlefront II isn't much of a game that had effort put into it for the PSP. There's a very short campaign and small ad hoc multi player, but it's still pretty fun game to play with. The campaign as I said was short you just play as either one of the 4 factions. You start out with 2 planets always and the enemy have the rest. You must move your fleet into the enemy's or their planet and you engage in a battle or dogfight. The objective is to just conquer the enemy. The money you earn ...

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Mediocre at best 0

SWBF1 was a great game, no two ways about it. I was very hyped about SWBF2, unfortunately I was somewhat let down by a mediocre game. It tried to change certain features from the original to make it seem different, but ends up just messing up a solid game, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it” springs to mind. The sound is pretty good, for the most part, and the blaster rifle and rocket noises are satisfying to listen to. However this game has a sound bug which causes the character voices and sometim...

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Great gaming in a Galaxy far, far across the Internet 1

OverviewStar Wars Front II is the second entry into the 3 person shooter franchise. It features many improvements over the original, but there are some problems that arise inevitably during gameplay. SWBFII advertised the following changes in their marketing.-Addition of Space Battles-Addition of Hero/Villain characters (Jedi, Sith, other)-New unlockable classes (Droideka, Dark Trooper, etc.) PROSThere are plenty of new features that enhance gameplay in SWBFII. The New Classes are arguably the...

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star wars battle front 2 review 0


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A great shooter anyone can enjoy **OLD REVIEW** 0

This is simply one of the best Star Wars games ever. When you first get it and you run to your PS2 or whatever you instantly fall in love with the game. Rise of the Empire mode is the main story mode. The main story is highly enjoyable. It consists of about 17 fun packed levels, each with about 5-8 missions. In the first part of the game you're the good guys just minding your own business. In the second part you play as the bad guys which is pretty cool. You constantly kill Rebels and droids an...

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Battlefront II review 0

This game is insane. It is very addicting and fun on multilayer. Here are my thoughts on Battlefront 2: Game play: The game play was excellent. It was a thrill to play and a fun experience. It mostly follows the same schedule, spawning with a specific class (sharpshooter, heavy, regular, etc.) and taking command posts while fighting back your enemies. It seems like it would be redundant but it is incredibly fun. With multiple maps and some different modes, it hardly ever gets boring. The sin...

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While the mutiplayer isn't as incredible as they promised, BF2 is 0

Who doesn't like the epic battles from Star Wars. The epic space fight above Corescant, the battle of Hoth, or even the battle of Endor. These epic fights hold a special place in every Star Wars fan's heart, and there's no better interactive way to enjoy these battles than Star Wars Battlefront 2! The game's idea is very simple, fight all of the greatest Star Wars battles any way you want. The original Battlefront did a good job at it, but there were some missing things that really hurt it. I ca...

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Star Wars Battlefront II review by Termite 1

Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront IIStar Wars Battlefront, the previous game in the series, was released on September 21, 2004 and was met with quite a lot of critical praise. And as with any developer that ends up with cash due to one of their games, Lucas Arts decided to make a sequel. And good for them! Because this game is a very worthy sequel to a great game.The Battlefront games are class-based team multi-player shooters ( You can play in both First Person and Third Person modes ) and hav...

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Battlefront 2- One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 0

When I first heard that Battlefront II was going to be released. When I heard it had freakin' SPACE BATTLES I went INSANE. Now that I've played it long enough... it's not that great. Sure, the stamina is a great addition, and that player profile career status is also very helpful, and the graphics are more or less the same. Battlefront II isn't really what one would expect it to be. Let me tell you about the original battlefront: It's better in terms of playing one battle. I'm not sure if I'm...

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