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Star Wars: Battlefront III is the follow-up to LucasArts and Pandemic's wildly successful series of class-based shooters. Though the game has never officially been announced by LucasArts, the game has had a long, tortured development and allegedly been worked on by multiple teams.

The game was allegedly first in development by Free Radical Design before that company's demise. Free Radical was dismantled, but the game seemed to have possibly been in some sort of working order based on an internal trailer that was leaked to YouTube which gave the appearance of working gameplay with several impressive features, such as the ability to fly from the ground to a space station. However, it is unknown if that premise is still core to the game or what, if any, of Free Radical's work remains in the game.

The game has allegedly bounced between development houses since then. Rumors suggested that fellow UK studio Rebellion, the developers behind the PSP-exclusive spinoff Star Wars: Battlefront: Renegade Squadron who had been working on ports of Battlefront III for PS2 and PSP, took over the project after Free Radical's removal, and that their port work was what became Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Later rumors suggested that Vancouver-based Slant Six had also been tasked with working on the game (or, at the very least, an online-only version of Star Wars: Battlefront), which was allegedly confirmed when hidden files containing loading screens and text meant for Battlefront III were supposedly found in the source code for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

In February 2012, rumors that Battlefront III was back in development began circulating, this time pinning development duties on Hollywood's Spark Unlimited. The studio was known to have been working on a "3rd-person action/adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise" for several years, and sources posited that members of the team had been meeting with higher-ups at LucasArts. However, that April, at their Captivate 2012 event, Capcom revealed that the studio was, in fact, working on Lost Planet 3. This, once again, leaves Battlefront III's active development in question.

LucasArts, for its part, has still never officially confirmed the game's existence.

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