Leaked Battlefront III Footage Surfaces

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#51 Posted by Optiow (1745 posts) -

I think it will be great, I could not get enough of the first 2 and now a 3rd one!
it will be great!

#52 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1576 posts) -

I just shit myself.

#53 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1791 posts) -

Oh, dude. LOTR Conquest looks like crap compared to this. This is what we need. Real Battlefront for this gen.

#54 Posted by Legendtaker117 (8 posts) -



#55 Posted by GTCknight (705 posts) -

OMG! That looked so AWESOME! It looked like it was everything I have always been wanting in the Star Wars: Battlefront games. I have always been saying that if there ever was a Battlefront III it would need to have much larger space battles, bigger starships with more rooms in the inside of the starships, more worlds as in bring back all of the worlds from the previous Battlefront games (of course you would update them if needed) and of course add in new ones. Battlefront III would also need to bring back all of the infantry Classes from at least Battlefront II and add at least one new class to both ground and space combat (if they are still going to be separate, after all that fighter in the begining went from the ground strait into space). And finally way smarter Artificial Intelligence for both ground combat, space combat, and now air combat again. Pandemic tired to do air combat in the first Star Wars: Battlefont and unfortunately they failed (small battlefeld, too big starfighters/bombers) so it'll be interesting to see how it will work out in Battlefront III. 

And yes with Free Radical in the state that its in, I'am very, very afraid that this game will either end up not being released or some other developer will end up making it and it just isn't anywhere near as AWESOME as the footage we all saw. However I really hope that Free Radical gets to finish this game and that the game lives up to all that AWESOMENESS.   

#56 Posted by granderojo (1793 posts) -

well this will not sell and be pirated a billion times, good luck whoever releases it.

#57 Posted by canadiantoastzombie (208 posts) -

look pretty awesome

#58 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1576 posts) -
thabigred said:

well this will not sell and be pirated a billion times, good luck whoever releases it.

Yeah, OK.
#59 Posted by Double0hFor (410 posts) -


#60 Posted by kennybaese (683 posts) -

Looks really good. Here's to hoping that it still is up to that par after the new team finishes it.

#61 Edited by TheJollyRajah (1576 posts) -

The thing that strook me about the vid was when the dude just hopped in a ship and flew that bitch into space... OH SNAP! I literally crapped my pants there.

#62 Posted by KnifeySpoony (1167 posts) -

Looks great, hopefully it comes out soon.

#63 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1530 posts) -

It looks good but why does Battlefront put so much focus on the characters from the movies?  Is that what people really want?  I'd love to have a real shooter in the vein of the Battlefield games that's about the foot soldiers, not the jedi.  That stuff is what ruins the game IMO.

#64 Posted by HatKing (6129 posts) -

Damn it...can we start some sort of bring Free Radical back to life fund...I'd donate....this is just sad.

#65 Posted by CaLe (4058 posts) -

It would be a DAMN SHAME for this game to be dropped.

#66 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2227 posts) -

Me and my friends played the hell out of 1 and 2. I'm looking forward to it

#67 Posted by Hector (3381 posts) -

I hope it does come out because it looks kick ass.

#68 Posted by Det1 (190 posts) -

...wow I think I nailed that one.
Not that it's a bad thing though, I played the CRAP out of battlefront 1/2.

#69 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12138 posts) -

Of course they will continue to make this game. Battlefront 1&2 sold roughly 50 Billion copies so It shouldn't be a hard decision.

#70 Posted by Kyle (2325 posts) -

Bring me this "Battlefront III"!

And I want it unharmed! NO DISINTEGRATIONS!!

#71 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2419 posts) -

Ugh... read this.

"These sketches are too cool for words. Sad part is that this version of the game may never see the light of day. Apparently, Star Wars: Battlefront III has been stripped from Free Radical and passed to another developer, who did not inherit the technology that allowed you to fly from ground to air and into orbit, that belongs to Free Radical. Changing developers means everything is subject to change, from the gameplay to the storyline, so there's no telling what we'll see when the game ends up being releasing."

GAY! And based on how awesome this concept art is, this could be the worst news I've ever heard about a game.

#72 Posted by jakob187 (21780 posts) -

Yep, looks like Battlefront.

#73 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -

Renegade Squadron was a pretty great game, so I have faith in Rebellion if they *are* making this.

#75 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -
NinjaSquirrel said:
"You mean lord of the rings conquest?
#76 Edited by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Hm, doesn't look like it posted the first time.

I would be totally down if it wasn't Star Wars. I'm holding off for a real, actual Battlefield game. However going from ground into orbit seamlessly is an awesome concept.

#77 Posted by stephengotlost (703 posts) -

The footage looks tremendous.

#78 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1576 posts) -

Let's have a government bailout for Free Radical!

#79 Posted by tmontana1004 (376 posts) -

Star Wars = instawin, but this footage looks awesome.

#80 Posted by stan12 (21 posts) -

they better continue to work on this AS IS like in the video and release it or i will be a sad panda...
and i hope the company that picked it up after free radical went down makes it good

#81 Edited by AspiringAndy (332 posts) -

I love the battlefront series!
And fucking plus for able to fly the Millenium Falcon!
I really want this game to come out.

#82 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -

we'll see

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