What really happened to Battlefront III

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And i will start by saying "The bullshit is strong with this one".


Essentially everything in there is false.

The game was never canned after being completed, the game was never even near completion. I was working for the QA company that was testing the game and it was a fucking disaster. Nothing worked. LucasArts didn't can a completed game and a sequel to their most successful franchise up to that point, they took the project away from a vastly incompetent developer who had near the end of the project reduced the game to 3 class, and 5 or 6 maps with a 2 hour long campaign and was still mostly unplayable.

You can look at the videos in this thread: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/off-topic/31/new-star-wars-battlefront-3-footage-shows-first-3-missions/542545/

This is as good as this game ever got and that's what this guy calls a "completed" game.

Lots of good tester lost a job that day and for a relatively small company that was a huge deal for us at the time.

I guess i've got no way to prove what i'm saying, you're just gonna have to trust a random stranger on the internet. But why would i get worked up for a 4 year old cancelled game anyway?

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But why would i get worked up for a 4 year old cancelled game anyway?

Arguments that go "why would I lie..." are kinda invalid on the internet, people are crazy so yeh.

That said what you say seems plausible and doesn't really have any impact on something anyways. Well all I can say is, that I hope we get a great, and I mean great, not just incrementally better or even equal, SW:BF III.

As far as game journalism goes, most of it goes to shit anyways. There's few people that know what they're talking about and few that aren't at least slightly "corrupted".

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it's a pity that EA destroyed Pandemic. I really liked the first two games in this series. Lord of the Rings: Conquest was a fucking godawful game, though.

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Doesn't look that bad.

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@NaDannMaGoGo: I'm not mad at the news or Joystiq, they just report what they hear and since there's never been any official statement from LucasArts they can't really know anything. Last i heard about this when i was still working there was that because of the contract they had with Free Radical they couldn't just take the project away and give it to some other Dev to finish the job. It probably just became a lawyer mess and decided to cancel it completely.

It is best this way anyway. You said you wish for something great and not just incrementally better or even equal. At it's best the game was essentially Battlefront 2 with better graphics which if it did came out in late 2007 or early 2008 might have been fine but that just doesn't cut it today.

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@Pr1mus: Hey out of curiosity, a dude on NeoGAF posted something a month ago saying similar things as you. You wouldn't happen to be able to comment on any of his claims, like that the seamless planet-to-space transitions weren't working out well or that Rebellion had been working on ports and tried to take the project over, could you?

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hey thats my thread :D

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@Pr1mus: the guy said that build was from march 2008 how long after did they continue to work on the game?

BTW since you worked at the QA compnay do you know if they passed off the game to another developer or trashed it altogether? :D

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@connerthekewlkid said:

hey thats my thread :D

Oh hay Shiggy, sup?

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@iAmJohn: not much mah bro

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It took a blaster bolt to the knee.

...oh, that's horrible.

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@believer258: @believer258 said:

It took a blaster bolt to the knee.

...oh, that's horrible.

you just made me vomit blood

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@iAmJohn: His theory about the planet-to-space transition is spot on. Free Radical had already cut a lot of features by that point while that remained. When they cut that too that became the beginning of the end. By that point everyone, our project manager included, was getting suspicous. It didn't make sense to us that LucasArts would agree to all those cuts. When we received a new build of the game minus the vertical battlefield feature, our Project Manager decided to go straight to LucasArts to ask about this. Later that day the tests were suspended, at least on our end. A week or so later we learned tests on the 360/PS3/PC versions were officially cancelled.

I can't say anything about Rebellion taking over the project, i've got no info on that. As far as we were concerned, test on the PSP version continued normally until completion of the game.

@connerthekewlkid: Can't remember exactly but tests didn't continue past June. So probably around 2 months. I believe they just cancelled the project entirely. To my understanding they never went to any other developer due to the contract they had with Free Radical. They could always cancel it but couldn't give it to another developer or even finish it internally at LucasArts. That's what i heard in any case.

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@Pr1mus: It's true idiots love to talk about their "credentials" and how their anecdotal evidence is evidence. So far we've seen nothing, but buggy videos and builds so we'll just go with what you said lol.

Doesn't Crytek have the Time Splitters and BF ips now?

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