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Meh. I like lightsabers.

-Most satisfying lightsaber fighting in any Star Wars game
-Plenty of playable Star Wars characters
-Unique experience with each character
-Well-balanced force powers
-Fun multiplayer
-Yoda. 'nough said

-Limited gameplay variety
-Not many co-op missions
-No Yoda in duel mode
-Little replay value or  unlockables

The lightsaber battles in Revenge of the Sith are awesome. After you get past the rather steep learning curve, you'll realize that this is the closest thing you'll get to the fighting in the movies.

It's a blast slicing your way through hordes of battle droids using a purely offensive barrage of attacks. The battles droids break apart realistically, falling to pieces depending on how and where your lightsaber has struck them.

But where the fighting system really shines is in the lightsaber-on-lightsaber battles. You're forced to play defense against the surprisingly clever AI. Despite this, it's easy to develop your own style of fighting. Some people, for example, may concentrate on using force powers to gain the upper-hand in a fight, while someone else may use the arsenal of offensive saber strikes and combinations to take down their opponent. I preferred balancing the two, which made for a spectacularly realistic Episode II-esc battle.

The controls can be complicated at first, but they seem to fit perfectly once you get used to them.

The game is very short, as it can be beaten in about 6 hours. There are some bonus missions, which can be cool. I loved the Yoda bonus mission, in which you basically demolish a small army of clones. The way Yoda jumps around and spins his saber in the air looks almost identical to his famous battle with Dooku in Attack of the Clones.

The co-op multiplayer missions were fun, but the level designs we much more simplistic than the single-player campaign.

Another place where this game really shines is in it's multiplayer duel mode. The game lets players choose from several different Jedi and Sith, and lets them fight in most of the locations you've beaten in single player. Each player has their own style, and no one character is better than the others. For example, Anikan and Obi-wan Kenobi concentrate on weak, quick lightsaber fighting while Count Dooku and Cin Drallig use slower, but more powerful saber attacks. My personal favorite, Mace Windu, has medium saber speed and average damage. In addition, some characters have different force attacks. Sith can use lightning while Jedi Masters are able to use a "mind-control" force power, which temporarily hypnotizes the opponent.

Overall, I would say this is a game that should only be bought by dedicated Star Wars fans, but is at MUST-RENT.

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