Every once in a while...

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#1 Posted by ColonelT (92 posts) -

...I feel an urge to return to this game. I think of my old mansion on Talus, my YT-1300 freighter, my Jedi Knight.
That usually lasts about 20-30 seconds, then I move on.

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#2 Posted by Homes (364 posts) -

My friend introduced me to this game a few years back when it was dead. The environment is riddled with ghost towns and houses of people who deactivated their accounts. We saw maybe one or two high level people a day and waved. I just remember building our own mining structures and questing. For the one and a half month I played, it was pretty fun and worth the $15. However, once my character reached level 55 the quest line just ended and my friend informed me the developers had just stopped working on the game. So kinda sad this MMO died because of the NGE but I had my fun with a couple of friends even in a deserted world. 

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#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I loved the flying, really I freaking loved it.
The rest wasn't too grand sadly.
When they announced SWTOR I could only hope they'd take the Galaxies flying combat and put it in.
But this on rails Rogue Squadron stuff suits me fine too.

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